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Apple iPad 2 Free: Work for Best Buy? You could be in luck

March 5, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM we’ve brought you many stories already on the Apple iPad 2 which was finally announced and will be released next week. Along with informing you of release dates we also recently reported that the original iPad was being reduced in price and also told how 2 to 3 million shipments are expected of the latest in March. Now we’ve heard what could be really great news if you’re a sales associate for Best Buy as it seems you may just be getting an iPad for free!

We recently told how the iPad 2 would be available from retail stores such as Best Buy, Walmart and Sam’s Club but the news from Josh Ong from Apple Insider, sourced from Forbes, is that on-floor sales associates at all 1,093 Best Buy stores could be receiving an iPad freebie. There were 180,000 employees at Best Buy according to 2010 figures but it’s not yet known how many of those would qualify for the offer.

The source of this information to Forbes was said to be somebody “with knowledge of corporate mobile device deployments” and although they did not actually name Best Buy as the store, did say that it would happen at one of the 10 largest retailers in the U.S, which had around 1,100 stores. Best Buy is the closest fit to that as it had 1,093 stores, according to figures from 2010, and of course has a retail relationship with Apple. Not only will Best Buy be selling the iPad 2 on the March 11 release date, but it also sold the original iPad on the day it launched.

It would also fit well with Best Buy’s ‘Connected Store’ concept and Stefani Lain over on iOSnoops makes a good point of noting what a huge benefit this would be to Apple, as if Best Buy employees were most familiar with the iPad, they would be likely to push this as one of the best tablets to purchase. Lain also notes that the free iPad’s, expected to be handed out this year, may be unsold stock of originals as opposed to the iPad 2 but we think that’s pretty unlikely and would be more likely to be the more updated version. After all, surely it would look better for Best Buy’s image if its employees were seen to be up-to-date.

Are you a Best Buy sales associate and have you heard any rumblings about this offer that could be coming your way? What do you think about the possibility of receiving a free iPad? Let us know with your comments.

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  1. Jake says:

    The article referred to:
    shows that this would not be personally given to every employee, merely each employee would have one to use inside the store for helping customers.

  2. Bestbuyemployee says:

    actually it says nothing about in-store either. it just says that having an ipad army would be good. regardless if it was in store or not, if the best buy employees have tried the iPad hands-on, the better it is for them to sell it to customers. Why would they be walking around store with iPads anyway, it's not like we'd use them for anything…

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