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Rovio Celebrate 30 Million Android Angry Flipping Bird Downloads

March 4, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Rovio Celebrate 30 Million Android Angry Flipping Bird Downloads

Angry Birds which initially launched itself back in 2009 on Apple iOS, has now got even more reason to celebrate. The hugely popular and very addictive pig and bird game available on various platforms including iOS and Android has hit yet another milestone.

This time the news has no bearing on iOS devices but that of Android. Reports in from has stated that developers Rovio have now reached a staggering 30 million Android downloads. The aim of the game is to kill as many hungry pigs as possible and to claim back the bird eggs stolen by them. As the levels increase, so does your playing technique. Using a slingshot the player has to outwit the pigs by slamming into varying structures where the animals are located. Easy it may sound, but believe me its not, and after playing the game myself just after Christmas, its easy to understand why some people find the game totally addictive.

Its worth looking out for new Angry Bird themes which spring up every now and then. One of the most recent being a Valentines theme, St David’s Day, Western theme along with a report we gave you on now being able to access the game on your PC.

Are you a Angry Bird addictive fan? Tell us what platform you are on, is it Android?

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