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Cyber Bully Jack Wilshere Tweets Barry Ferguson Lack Of Sportsmanship

March 4, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Cyber Bully Jack Wilshere Tweets Barry Ferguson Lack Of Sportsmanship

Even though we are only at the beginning of March, online social networking site Twitter has seen an explosion of tweets good and bad, from the world of footballers. Since the start of January we have reported on Rio Ferdinand praising up Arsenal players, a subsequent fine and ban on Ryan Babel, Chelsea’s Fernando Torres and so on, but today its yet again news of Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere that’s grabbed the headline news.

Most recently the number 19 along with Persie took to Twitter to apologise for their performance in the Carling Cup against the blues Birmingham City which consequently lost them the trophy. They were beat 2-1 by the defending side who have now managed to take home the silver trophy which they haven’t been able to enjoy for over 50 years.

Following on from that Twitter yet again became a site used to air fans grievances, when Gunners defender Laurent Koscielny received a tapping on the head from a Birmingham player. Fans it seemed took to the site expressing their personal opinions.

Now it seems midfielder Wilshere has been accused of cyber-bullying from Birmingham Manager Alex McLeish. After the apparent incident Wilshere took to Twitter and said, “Well done to the BCFC player who slapped Koscielny on the head when they scored, very big of you!

According to Metro, the blues manager McLeish has defended his player by saying that Wilshere was indeed cyber-bullying Ferguson. In relation to Twitter he said, “It’s not my world, Twitter and all that stuff. Cyber-bullying isn’t for me. We’ll draw a line under it.”

Many have aired their concerns that since losing to Birmingham City and the subsequent tweets that followed, Wilshere is shaken up by the reds loss, consequently knocking his confidence.

Tell us what your thoughts are on this? Is it really fair to say that Wilshere is a cyber-bully or is that a little extreme?

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  • Arselicked

    The irnoy of it all is that Jack is right. We all saw it on TV. Macleish is only trying to diminish its importance.

    The question shouldn’t be about Cyber-bullying. The question should be on whether its right to do what Ferguson did given the circumstances. I seem to remember Henry getting weighed, hang and quartered for taunting a Fulham goal keeper after having scored a decisive goal in the dying minutes.

  • BlueNose

    The bottom line is Wiltshire or Jack as the Arse like to know him - like Le Winger himself is a bad loser and a bad sportsman. Get over yourself Arsenal… seems like you can dish it out but you can’t take it…you don’t hear Bowyer wineing about being kicked up in the air do you? When Steven Carr was fouled in the second half he simply got back up with a smile on his face and carried on and Ferguson played the second half with broken ribs - men not French fancies!!!

  • Tesu

    u jack u are amezing