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White iPhone 5 : Looks promising after iPad 2 release

March 3, 2022 | Debbie Turner

If you follow all things tech-related you will already have heard about the Apple iPad 2 unveiling yesterday and we’ve already regaled you with many articles about that including what it meant to see Apple CEO Steve Jobs stride on to the stage despite his current ill health. We also wanted to point out though, that the iPad 2 launch gives hope to those of you who really want to see a White iPhone 5.

Just some of our posts about the iPad 2 include a look at the new tablet war, a hands-on video and missing features but the one that may interest you most if you’ve been waiting for a White iPhone, was the post when we informed readers that the iPad 2 is going to be available from next week in both a black version and a white version, which you can see in the image below.

We recently told how there were rumors of a white iPhone 5, following the news that a Chinese electronics company would be supplying the touch panel component for a white iPhone. Now the fact that the iPad 2 is being released in white can only add to the chances of seeing a white iPhone 5. Apple has obviously managed to overcome the technical difficulties it had with the finish for the white iPhone 4, which although once announced, never actually materialized.

We’ve only just had one big Apple product launch and as ever our attentions are already turning towards the next one, which is likely to be the iPhone 5 due in June, so fingers crossed, if you’re still waiting for that white iPhone you could just be in luck. Have you been waiting for a white iPhone? Let us know with your comments.

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  1. Poster123 says:

    I've been wanting a White iPhone for a long time, just came out the iPad 2 I'm getting in white once it starts shipping with my current iPad still in use I will be passing it on, I'm exsited to see what changed Jobs can come up with in the next iPhone, A5 Chip? Better Graphics? Thinner? But then in the next 5 years or so what will the iPhone be like.

    I'm just waiting to get my White iPhone, GL for everyone else.

  2. Invisible gurl says:

    I too am waiting on a white iPhone. I'm hoping that it's as great as my expectations allow. Apple is doing great things right now and I do believe that with the white iPad release we have a greater chance of seeing a white iPhone 5! I'm wanting both in WHITE!!!

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