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Steve Jobs iPad 2 Announcement & Video: Apple Shares Rise

March 3, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM we’re still buzzing about the launch yesterday of the Apple iPad 2. We’ve already brought you many articles on this including a comparison with other tablets, release date details, a hands-on look, and news of a white iPad 2 version. Now though, we want to focus on one of the major highlights at the Apple event and that was the sight of Steve Jobs striding out confidently onto the stage in his usual black turtleneck and jeans.

Yesterday we wrote about the speculation about Jobs and whether or not he would be making his usual appearance at a big Apple product unveiling. In case you were unaware, Steve Jobs is co-founder and CEO of Apple but has been on medical leave because of his ongoing illness. There had been a lot of press in recent weeks surrounding his current state of health, although we reported that he did attend a dinner with President Obama. We also noted that if he was well enough he certainly would not want to miss an iPad 2 launch.

It was therefore a truly heartwarming moment to see Jobs take to the stage and receive rapturous applause and a standing ovation and we have to say that he looked pretty well and certainly not in quite the fragile state that reports in recent weeks have suggested. You can see for yourself if you hit this link to where a video is now available showing the Apple event and Steve Jobs. We had noted previously how Apple shareholders were seeking reassurances on the company’s future leadership and the effects of the CEO’s appearance in San Francisco were pretty instant and certainly reassuring for investors.

The Economic Times for instance reports that shortly after Jobs made his appearance Apple shares rose by as much as 1.4%, where previously they had been flat. By mid-afternoon Apple shares on Nasdaq went up by 0.8% to $352.07. Susan Krashinsky over on CTVNews also writes about how the stock rose significantly just after Jobs appeared at the event. Tim Bajarin is an analyst with Creative Strategies Inc., and has a long history of following events with Apple and he noted the effect of Steve Jobs’s appearance by saying, “I think it went a long way toward making people aware that Steve’s still in control. Just the knowledge that he’s very much involved is very important for Apple, especially in the financial community.”

However maybe we should also remember that although Apple shareholders may well be heartened by Jobs turning up at the iPad 2 launch, there is more to celebrate than purely financial reasons and that is the fact that Steve Jobs was well enough and seemed in good form. We at OSM continue to wish him the best for his return to health. What are your thoughts on Steve Jobs appearing at the iPad 2 unveiling? Do you think Apple shares will continue to rise with the news of the iPad 2 release coming shortly on March 11? Let us know with your comments please.

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