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LG Optimus Pad Shows Up Price On Amazon.De

March 3, 2022 | Mike Smith
LG Optimus Pad Shows Up Price On Amazon.De

With the launch of the iPad 2 only a day ago other companies would seem to have their work cut out competing with this device, as we know the market is full of alternative tablets all looking to impress, one of these is the LG Optimus Pad who’s price recently showed up on Amazon.DE.

This device when first announced was being offered in Germany for €999 which equates to roughly $1380, but according to this post from Engadget this device recently showed up on the Amazon.DE site with a price slice. On the pre-order page of this site it had €100 knocked off and was being marked up for €899.

For those not familiar with what this device has to offer here is a quick recap of its specs, this 8.9inch device offers a 1280×768 display with WXGA resolution, runs on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, has both front and rear facing cameras-with the ability to shoot 3D video, runs super fast due to its 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and packs a whopping 32GB of internal storage. You can read more on the specs in this post by Maddy Rowe and see the device working in the video below.

As we said at the start the iPad 2 was launched only yesterday and will be released with a pretty reasonable price tag, could this price drop be key to competing with this latest release from Apple? For a top range 32GB iPad 2 that boasts both Wi-Fi and 3G you can expect to pay $829, the 32GB Optimus Pad also packing both 3G and Wi-Fi will set you back roughly $1,246.

If this is a way that LG think they’re going to compete with Apple they may have to rethink their strategy, although this is a hefty price drop they will have to do more than this to stay on the same level as the tablet giants Apple.

What are your thoughts on this? Will you be getting an iPad or an Optimus Pad? Which ones better?

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