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Around 50% Of The UK Now On Facebook

March 3, 2022 | Matt Tran
Around 50% Of The UK Now On Facebook

Facebook is gradually working its magic all around the world and it has now been revealed that roughly half of the UK are on the social networking service.

Pocket-Lint has reported that over 30 million UK users are active on Facebook, which works out at around 50% because the population of the UK is around 60 miilion. Of these 30 million, 50% use the site everyday, which indicates that 25% of UK has a Facebook account and uses it everyday; but you most probably knew that already.

We recently saw that Facebook is clearly the dominant force in the social networking market, with 600 million active members and a valuation of $50 billion. Its closest competitor which is the microblog Twitter, has an estimated 200 million users and a valuation of $10 billion. We recently reported to you that 42% of Americans use Facebook with only 7% using Twitter.

It is incredible that Facebook is so popular and becoming even more so. If you take the figures in to account and assume that children under 10 and adults over 50 do not use the site, it indicates that everyone in the middle has a Facebook account. Mark Zuckerberg’s genius creation is an amazing tool for bringing people together and sharing information, and it will get bigger as time passes. Are you a Facebook user who logs on everyday? If so let us know why you like using the site and be sure to “like” us on Facebook.

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