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Apple iPad 2: MacBook Pro & Air Affected By Magnet

March 3, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

An issue with Apple’s latest Mac range has been discovered involving the placement of magnets on certain areas of the laptop devices. This process has seen the units going into sleep mode when put into contact with a magnet.

Slashgear was able to test this happening with the latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air finding similar reactions.

When passing a magnet (in this case a small fridge magnet) across various places on the device they were able to get it to stick, areas such as the charging port and headphone jack point. But on a particular spot, the device it seemed went into sleep mode with the keyboard lights dimming and the screens going blank.

Once removed the displays could be awoken with no visible faults other than the fact that the WiFi connection was lost. These actions show how Apple’s new Smart Cover works with the new iPad 2.

During the second gen tablets announcement yesterday the Smart Cover was revealed. Working by clipping on to the device via metal to magnet mounting points, the cover also acts as a stand. Cleverly the cover when over the display shuts it down only to start up again when peeled back.

So while this reaction seems magical to the iPad 2 and its cover, as Notebooks confirm, owners of MacBook Pro or Air should be wary when placing their device next to an iPad fitted with the Smart Cover. Tell us if you have experienced any sleep mode moments with your Apple device? Head on over to Slashgear to catch a glimpse of the magnet test.

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