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The Top Facebook Excuses For Ignoring Privacy Settings

March 2, 2022 | Tim Ollason

When it comes to Facebook and the privacy settings most people are pretty cautious and set them how they want to but not everybody does. Mike Smith posted an interesting article about protecting your identity on Social Media sites that you can read by clicking here.

We also posted another article with a guide to your privacy settings with the 10 must haves. Now we are reporting on the top Facebook excuses for ignoring those all important privacy settings as told by Jackie Cohen over at

Cohen says in the article that at least once per week someone offers an excuse as to why they aren’t using the privacy settings and some of them are pretty lame. There’s not really an excuse for not having your account protected to prying eyes.

One of the top ones is people saying that they are too busy, but surely if they had time to open a Facebook account in the first place they must be fitting their social networking in somewhere along the line. Once of those social networking times could be spent doing a bit of housekeeping on those settings don’t you think? Another is that it sounds a bit too complicated – we think that the settings are pretty self explanatory.

Our favorite ones are when people say that it’s too much work and that people don’t go on Facebook much anyway. The first one you could turn around and say that it’s not too much work to update your status and upload your pictures from your last night out. As for the second where people don’t go on it so much, well these are generally people that may be isolating themselves or that are a bit scared of social networking. There’s nothing to be afraid of, even companies and brands are starting to use it more to sell their products. Why not check out Facebook’s own guide to the privacy settings.

What do you think of these excuses? Why not ask your friends what their excuses are and then post them in the comments section below.

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