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iPad 2 2011 Official Price And Spec Comparison to iPad 2010

March 2, 2022 | Mike Smith

With the big Apple event in progress we can finally tell you that the iPad 2 is finally here, how does this new device compare in specs and price to its 2010 counterpart? We’re going to bring you a quick comparison.

The new iPad will be shipped out on March 25th very close to its predecessor’s month of April, this device like the 2010 product will come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants. Unlike the original model which was slammed for not having a camera the new device will house both a rear and front facing camera.

Where the original device was only available in one color the update will be available from launch in both black and white, the best bit about this launch is that the price of the iPad 2 will be the same as its predecessor. You can keep up to track on the new features by following Engadget’s live feed post here.

This new device is set to be up to twice as fast due to the use of the new A5 chip, not content on making it faster this update is also slimmer and lighter than the previous one, the iPad 2 is 33per cent thinner than the body of the original that was 13.4mm, measuring in at just 8.8mm this is what lightens the device up to just 1.3 pounds.

With these vast improvements in both speed and design the battery life has not been compromised and will still last a respectful 10 hours. It seems Apple have simply outshone themselves once again, with great improvements like this it seems that this could be the gadget of the year.

What are your thoughts on the iPad 2? Will you be purchasing one?

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Comments (5)

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  1. Steve says:

    cant understand the point of it, i'm not replacing my ipad1 for this, give me retina display and i'll look again :)

    • BBK says:

      After using the iPhone 4's screen, the iPad's screen just seems like a toy. In fact, compared to most devices' screens, retina display just looks astonishing. Unfortunately, that's the only feature Apple has stayed away from when producing the iPad 2.

      I presume in order to make the iPad 2 more thinner and lighter and keep the same 10 hour battery life, they had to compromise to retain the same resolution screen as the first generation's one.

      I would love to see a retina display in the future though, I can't imagine how cool it will be, but yet again this is typical Apple.

  2. Chris Adair says:

    Well I’ve had to read all about this launch on my iphone4

    Despite a retina display it’s still very hard work browsing the web on an iPhone

    So having held off from buying ipad version 1 I’ll splash out for iPad 2

    Then when they do get around to the retina display I’ll leave iPad 2 in the living room

    And buy the next one….,

    Happy Days

  3. Lara says:

    I have the first iPad, I thought wowza when I first got it… But then it got really annoying because it did not have a camera or retina display. I think What Apple is trying to do with the iPad is with the first one they made it respectably good, but as they start to realise they can rake the dough in when they make it a little bit better, they do exactly that. I hope when the iPad 2 is ready for purchase, you can get money off if you trade in your iPad 1. =’D

  4. Andrew says:

    I guess since I never got an iPad I'll look at this, It's just like most Apple products though, the pricing is vicious.

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