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HTC Thunderbolt Release Delay: Facebook Plea from Verizon

March 2, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been writing about the HTC Thunderbolt for what seems like an age now, but lately the vast majority of our stories have been about the continual release delays. We know how many of you are waiting for this impressive device and have become frustrated with the wait but today we hear that Verizon has published a plea for patience on its Facebook page.

We’ve published so many articles about the problems with release that we even posted a roundup of our release delay articles so check that out at the link if you want to see the full background. The last information we had was that the release issue may have been caused by battery and signal problems and the likely date now seems most likely to be March 10 although still nothing is in black-and-white.

We wrote in our roundup story how Verizon and HTC should perhaps just come clean with consumers as so many were getting aggravated and some had said it had put them off buying the phone at all. Now it seems that Verizon has at last tried to avoid a PR disaster by issuing the message on Facebook, which we heard about from Nigel Chiwaya over on htcpedia.

The message reads, “Hey fans, we appreciate all the excitement about the anticipated launch of the ThunderBolt by HTC. We’re excited too! Verizon 4G LTE is America’s fastest, most advanced 4G network & we want to ensure the advanced technology behind our first 4G LTE phone is flawless. We will announce its release date as soon as it is confirmed. Thanks for your support & patience while we work to bring you the ThunderBolt by HTC.”

As you can well imagine the comments posted from the public after this message are rather mixed! This phone is to be the first 4G phone released for Verizon’s LTE network and has a 4.3-inch display, 8-megapixel camera, 1GHz Qualcomm processor and runs on Android 2.2 with HTC Sense. If you want to find out more then head to the HTC product page for the HTC Thunderbolt here. You can find details on pricing here.

So, will this plea for patience from Verizon help you to tolerate the situation or are you still pretty peeved? Isn’t it best to iron out any future problems before the release even if it means the phone coming out later than everybody anticipated? After all, an official release date was never announced so perhaps we should be blaming all the leaked Best Buy documents with dates, Twitter teasers and YouTube videos that whet people’s appetites. We’d really like to hear what you think now about the HTC Thunderbolt release saga so send us your comments using the box below.

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  1. Matt says:

    Nations fastest 4G Network? Verizon doesn't have a single 4G phone out!!

  2. Greg says:

    I've been waiting patiently as my girlfriends AT&T contract has been up for a month now and I'm using an iPod touch with wifi, (I live on campus). So tired of waiting, but understand it is still the phone to beat. Would like a little more communication from Verizon though because I'm about to sign a 2 year contract with a company I'm beginning not to trust, which is an uneasy feeling.

  3. Disappointed says:

    Basically at this point, I've canceled my pre-order, I know the phone really sucks, and have way too many issues in many fronts, so as far as I'm concerned they can make it fit in their little tiny place that the sun never shines on.

  4. Verizon Customer says:

    Verizon can't have its cake and eat it too. On the one hand it's touting no "official" release date as a reason why customers can't be peeved. On the other hand, it's asking for patience to perfect the phone without any "official" release as to what's wrong. If we're not to believe the"rumors" about release date then why should we believe "rumors" as to the delay causes. VZW can't hide just because there was no "official" press release. The dates came from somewhere, official or not. They weren't made up from whole cloth by Bestbuy, Amazon or Verizon's own personal. All the customers want is for Verizon to come clean but no, they insist on playing hide the bologna with the information.

  5. Matt says:

    Well I don't know where any body else got their information from as far as release dates, but I got my info straight from Verizon. Yes a Verizon rep told me that the release date for the Thunderbolt was going to be 2/24. At the time I didn't know anything about the Thunderbolt. I was testing an Evo and the Verizon rep said that they were getting the same phone, just updated with LTE. That was the first week of January. Now with delay after delay since the 24th, I think I'll just go back to Sprint and get the Evo. A lot of talk now is that Sprint may be going to LTE also. Hopefully they won't dangle a carrot in front of our faces making empty promises. I guess the Thunderbolt that we've been seeing is not a real phone. I don't think that the Thunderbolt exists.

  6. Buck says:

    We are the victims of our own lust.

  7. Cooki Turner says:

    They shouldn't be advertising on tv if the release date is not going to be soon. This evening saw a different ad for Thunderboldt & it stated soon. But soon to me is different than to them.

  8. ally says:

    im soooooo tired of the delay its cool they want to get the phone perfect but they should have realized that before they started advertising it :(

  9. mean@64 says:

    I really want this phone…Understand why everyone is upset, but if the phone never had an official release date, how can you be pissed at verizon. Maybe we should be pissed at the people sending out all the false rumors and tweets. Not defending anyone here, just saying most of the frustration is our own faults for listening to all the crap. Sure verizon could do more or have done more to clarify the situation, but they didn't and now we all have to wait and see what happens next….big red screwed this up, but we screwed ourselves by believing everything we read or heard.

  10. VZcustomer says:

    I'm a little concerned about the phone having issues before it hits the market. The true test, on how the how dependable the phone will be, is when we as customers, put it to real use. I have an upgrade coming at the end of the month, and my choice was going to be the Thunderbolt. In the past, reading reviews from customers who have used the phone, is how I determine on whether I'm getting the phone or not. At this point, I am not sold on the Thunderbolt, and I may be stuck with my old, high maintenance, faulty phone until another 4G release from Verizon.

    On a brighter note! I am glad that Verizon is not in too big of a hurry to put out this phone knowing that it will not be up to par with their customers. Battery life is a huge factor for me, and would not be happy if I had to charge my phone every 3 hours in order to get the best use of my phone.

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