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Facebook & Twitter Help Youth of Today to Engage in Politics

March 2, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Facebook & Twitter Help Youth of Today to Engage in Politics

Here at OSM we’ve often noted the growing impact of social media on politics and have said that more and more people are engaging with politics because of this. Now we have news of a report that seems to confirm this and looks at how sites such as Facebook and Twitter are leading more young people to become interested in politics.

The research was conducted by the University of California’s Humanities Research Institute and looked at 2,500 people belonging to Generation Y (or the Millenial Generation). The report was brought to our attention by Zack Whittaker over on ZDNet who tells us that while today’s students don’t have as much interest in traditional forms of political communication, such as news on TV and in the press, they are far more likely to be engaged by political news via social networking sites.

In fact it seems that young people are now becoming involved in politics at a younger age than before, and also forming their own opinions on politics earlier. You have only to think of the recent uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, and how many young people were involved, to realize the impact of social media on politics where today’s youth is concerned. It seems then that social networking is a good forum to become involved in politics, enabling views from all sides to be expressed, thereby representing a wide-range of people.

We think it can only be a good thing that today’s youth are becoming more politically active but what do you think? Are you a member of Generation Y interested in politics and if so do you think Facebook and Twitter have encouraged this interest? We’ be interested to hear from you about this please let us have your comments.

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