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Radeon HD 6990 vs GeForce GTX 590: High-end graphics fight

February 28, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Back in January we told of the upcoming release of the AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics card, a dual-GPU due for release in the first quarter of this year. The dual-core graphics card was briefly displayed to people at an Asia Pacific Fusion Tech Day by AMD’s GPU general manager, Matt Skynner.

Now it seems a real rival to the Radeon HD 6990 will be NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 590, said to be coming in the middle of March, so both will be released in competition with each other. We reckon these two will really be fighting it out to take spot in the high-end graphics market and although specs for both are still pretty hard to come by, we do have information about rumored specs to take a look at although of course we’ll need to hear much more before deciding which might dominate.

For the Radeon HD 6990, formerly known as Antilles, which we previously described as a real whopper, specs that have been rumored so far are two HD 6970 GPU’s on one PCB along with 4GB GDDR5 memory. It’s also thought that it will have one dual-link DVI port and 3 mini DisplayPort connectors. Other details include fully-loaded power consumption of 300W or 30W on idle. Updated information from Hardware Canucks however tells us that there will in fact be 4 DisplayPort connectors.

Meanwhile Vlad Savov, over on Engadget, sourced from Donanim Haber and Hexus, gives some anticipated specs for the dual-GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590, now rumored for an unveiling at PAX East 2011. These include 1024 total CUDA cores and 3GB of onboard RAM. It’s also speculated that there will be dual 384-bit memory controllers along with 3 DVI outputs to enable single-card 3D Vision Surround gaming. Of course ultimately it will all come down to speeds and we’ve heard nothing about that yet for either graphics cards, but what we can be sure of is that these two will be battling it out to be top dog.

It’s going to be an intriguing slog and getting the coveted top slot will be extremely important to both AMD and NVIDIA. As we’re expecting to hear full announcements soon about both of these we don’t have long to wait to find out more, but which do you think will dominate? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Dean-255

    Looks like a tough one to call.

    I'm a big ATI (Now known as AMD) fan and think the HD5000/6000 series cards are pretty good for the price to power. I currently have the HD5770 but i'm looking to upgrade, the Nvidia GTX580 was going to be my choice. But i'm going to wait and see what these cards have to offer, price to power and my budget. I'm hoping they go for about £500 to £550 as thats just in my budget if not cutting it too close.I'd like to say £400 but i need to think realistic, but i know they will be something £600 by the sounds of them haha. If not they will push the price of the GTX580 down anyway.

    Still again too early to call, looking forward to the benchmarks.

  • Dordor

    I've been a Nvidia fan from my first computer a Pentium 3 running a Geforce 4 MX440 to then a Geforce 5750 Ultra then to a 8800GT then to a 260 GTX 216+. I've always wanted to give ATI a go so i decided to go with a 5870 a try, and you know what they do perform very well for their price, but one thing i notice all these years is that ATis do generally have more compatibility and bug issues. This time around if i do upgrade i might be leaning towards Nvidia once again, unless the new 6990 is going to be under the 500 mark and the 590 GTX being ridiculously expensive, which always seems to be the case for Nvidia new beast card, then i would most likely stick to Nvidia. If they're both priced very high, might even look at picking up a 580 futher down the road when the price drops below 400 mark. Back to the two new supercards though, really would love to see how much of a breakthrough it is in performance, i honestly is hoping for a huge increase from the 580 GTX but I would hate to be disappointed.

  • Tyler

    Nvidia fan since my first computer, but because they were always on top…..gonna have to see who wins this fight and who gets my moneyz :P