Gaikai Game Streaming Service: Now Live With Mass Effect 2 Demo

Online streaming sites are nothing new and have been around for a while, we already have companies like OnLive that offer an online gaming experience to us. Though the concept might be a bit old we can’t help but get excited about a new service from Gaikai, they have just gone live and are offering a playable demo of Mass Effect 2.

This platform which has been in development since 2008 will allow game publishers to post streaming game play demos on its site, we have already tried Mass Effect 2 and the results were very impressive. According to this post from there are four other games that are available to try, The Sims 3, Spore, Second Life and Dead Space 2.

Unlike the similar service that OnLive offer Gaikai will just be sticking with demo versions of games at this moment in time, the main purpose of this is to allow users a chance to play the game before making the decision to buy the full copy. Looking to build on this the company next week will be hoping to demo a game running inside a Facebook page, and if successful will proceed to put all current social networking games to shame.

To try out this service for yourself all you need to do is follow this link over to the companies official site, when you launch a trial of one of these games the platform will perform a bandwidth test. When we tried Mass Effect 2 our Wi-Fi connection was more than sufficient to cope, giving us quiet a seamless experience of this game.

In this post from Company CEO David Perry compared their service to YouTube, he said “Our thinking is somewhat like YouTube, as instead of just building a portal to go and watch videos, they decided to focus on putting videos everywhere on the web. We are doing the same with games, so when you read a review on a game, you can try playing it right there on the same page as the review”. Watch this space this could be the future of online gaming.

Have you tried the demos? If so what did you think?

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