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Apple Explores New iPhone 5 Dock Connector Options Plus More?

February 28, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With the iPhone 5 announcement bearing down on us more speculation has come to light. This time with a picture of the internal compo-entry associated with its dock connector.

In a report by Mac Rumors, the photo is quoted to be almost identical to that of the current iPhone 4. But with a change in part number for the connector on the 30-pin dock attached to the devices internals by a ribbon.

While the original iPhone 4 parts are stamped with the number 821-1093-A and the Verizon 4 has 821-1281-A, this photo sourced from Apple.Pro shows the connector labelled 821-1300-02. If the snap shot is to be believed, it can only confirm Apple’s choice to continue using its standard dock connector, rather than the standard universal micro-USB that has just been implemented by the European Commission. Apple will likely adhere to this ruling by adding an Apple dock to micro-USB adapter.

Other news comes in the form of the recently reported display screen for the iPhone 5. As we recently stated, another leaked picture of the supposed iPhone 5 front panel showed a larger 4-inch screen with a similar overall handset size to the current model, thanks to a much thinner bezel.

The introduction of the larger screen would be to place a direct challenge to the sea of current big screen packing Android devices.

However a report by AppleInsider suggests that there have been talks of Apple trialling new designs for the 5th generation iPhone with possibly a ‘sliding cover’ concealing a keyboard. While there is vast speculation as to whether Apple would go down the slide-out keyboard style route, we cannot dismiss it with Apple’s need to make the new handset impressive.

What do you think the new iPhone 5 will look like, and do you think Apple will break away from its much-loved simple designs?

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