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Nokia Flaunt New Symbian UI On N8

February 27, 2022 | Mike Smith
Nokia Flaunt New Symbian UI On N8

Earlier this month when Nokia joined forces with Microsoft we all thought that this could of spelt out the untimely death of Symbian, in order to prove us wrong Nokia have been seen flaunting a new Symbian user interface on the N8.

It’s good to see that the Finnish company is still taking time to tinker with what some might consider an out of date OS, this should be good news for all Nokia workers who recently held a mass walk out amid fears that they would lose their jobs because of this new joint partnership.

In a post from Phonedog you can see a photo that was recently taken at a Nokia event that was held in China, this pictures displays a picture of the N8 sporting a revamped UI. At the top of this picture you can see a status bar that displays the battery life and time, to see the picture and read a little more on this you can follow this link.

If there are any doubts about this update we should be able to quash them with this, below you can see a video of what appears to be a demo of Symbian^3 sporting some new features. In this video which comes courtesy of GSMArena you can clearly see that split screen typing has been added, there are also some major improvements with the handsets browser. To read about this just tap on the link here.

After reading this news hopefully a little bit of faith will be restored, although the company has gone off to try new ventures its reassuring that they still take time to improve what they already have, there is no official word on this update but were hoping that it hits sometime soon.

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