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Facebook Stalker App Removed: Now There’s Crush Notifier

February 27, 2022 | Tim Ollason

When it comes to Facebook, we at OSM try to bring you all of the new functional changes as well as the news. Recent reports include Mark Zuckerberg being stalked on Facebook by a man and more recently we reported on a Facebook relationship app that we thought weasels would love. The app just reminded us of the Lonely Island’s new song, ‘The Creep’.

The relationship notifying app would allow people that installed it to keep up to date with different selected people or groups relationship changes. Well bad news for the creeps that would have installed this app as Facebook recently removed it… Only, the same developer Dan Loewenherz has released another app with slightly different intentions.

The new app is called ‘Crush Notifier’. The idea behind this app is you declare your crush on a Facebook friend without them knowing and if someone else who you have ‘crushed’ crushes you then both members will get an email to inform them.

There’s a blog post that has been written informing everybody of the rules, you get two free crushes and to get more then you need to either purchase them using Facebook credits or enter your friends email addresses. This still sounds a bit seedy to us but if this is something that interests you then you can have a peek at it on their official website.

On the other hand, if you picture a common scenario where someone has a crush on their friend, it can create a dilemma where admitting the crush could risk the friendship but keeping it to yourself could mean missing out on something special. This method is a risk free alternative to telling them face-to-face as you will be safe in the knowledge that they will never know unless the feelings are reciprocated.

Will you use Crush Notifier or is this another app going too far? Share you rants if you don’t like the idea or if you are cool with it tell us why in the comments section below.

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