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HTC Thunderbolt Release Date Delay: Due to battery issues?

February 26, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been following the release saga of the HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon for quite some while now and know from the many comments we get from our readers, just how frustrated many of you are. Now we hear that the release delays might be down to some battery issues with the phone, which when finally released will be the first 4G phone for Verizon’s LTE network.

The release date of this much-awaited phone has been leaked and then postponed so many times now that even we’re confused. Two days ago we told how it had been pushed back yet again, with a possible release date of March 4 speculated, which came from a Best Buy Twitter post. We wondered then if the phone might have some technical issues that were causing the delay but then yesterday posted another article when we heard news that the delay was purely down to politics between the three major parties involved, HTC, Verizon and Best Buy, and yet another release date of March 10 was speculated.

Now today we have further news from you that contradicts this as it appears the phone may have some technical issues after all. The ever- ubiquitous “people familiar with the matter” have told how the phone has what appears to be a major battery issue, according to Chris Ziegler over on Engadget. Indeed the battery performance has been so bad that testers have had to carry two handsets so that they have a backup. That doesn’t exactly sound promising! Apparently sometimes the phone’s battery life has only lasted between 2 and 3 hours and it’s this that is being claimed as the reason for the release issues (currently standing at 6 delays).

Since the first source tipped off Engadget it seems more news has arrived, this time that a firmware update is in the offing to solve not only the battery issue but also a problem with the signal. At last it seems this would clearly explain why there has been a problem with the release but we can’t help thinking that Verizon and HTC would have come out of this better by simply explaining this to their customers who have become understandably disheartened by the ongoing delays.

Meanwhile Xavier Lanier over on Gottta Be Mobile points out that the Verizon ads for the HTC Thunderbolt, which had previously been placed on YouTube, are now marked private so are no longer viewable to the public so this seems to imply further delays. If you still want to find out more about the HTC Thunderbolt then head to the HTC product page for it here.

We’d really appreciate hearing what you think about the release problems for the Thunderbolt. Do you think Verizon and HTC should come clean and just explain the problem, or do you think that would be more of a marketing disaster than the way the companies are already handling the situation? Are you losing faith because of the lack of information? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.

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  • John

    Well by now we all know the BB presale was a bust! We don’t like games …. That’s what it feels like after purchasing the BB presale and after so many delays. Verizon is in total control and has allowed this to happen by continuing their total silence with no information on the release date. Even though VZW has said all along 1st Q-2011 they need to right the ship. Whatever the reasons are for the delays (iPhone 4 to poor battery life), they should come clean and just tell us there are problems. Give us information and stop all the games. Big Red needs to show us why they are number one in the cell phone industry.

  • Buck

    A little frustrating, to say the least. Especially if they put a $300 price tag on it. Frankly, I’d prefer an HTC device, but I may wait for the droid Bionic. And I’m so ready for an upgrade to my POS iPhone 3G…I may have to stick with AT&T. Motoblur aside, the Atrix looks like an amazing phone, if I can be satisfied with HSPA+.

  • Bill

    March 10 is garbage. See for yourself, this is not a rumor. Everything else about the TB is.
    Go to the Verizon website, they pre-anounced the new IPad release date March 11. They did not announce the Thunderbolt for any date, just coming soon. They will not release the TB the day before the IPad. The TB will bury their sales people for a week. There is no way they will release the TB the day before the new Apple Ipad.
    The 3 other major carriers customer numbers are climbing while Vz is dropping. Their stock will drop like a rock when shareholders realize it.