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Angry Farm: BlackBerry Introduce Knockoff Angry Birds

February 26, 2022 | Tim Ollason

There’s been a new app launched for the BlackBerry, it’s called Angry Farm. The game involves farm animals which are being fired at foxes that have different structures surrounding them. Doesn’t that sound familiar to you?

It sounds kind of like Angry Birds doesn’t it? It looks like BlackBerry has introduced its very own knockoff version of Angry Birds. The game has 30 levels and as Slashgear’s Rue Liu says will bring cringes to some people and a bit of joy to BlackBerry users as there aren’t too many games available for the device.

The plot to this game is that the farmers have gone away and the farm has some intruders, these are a group of foxes. It’s down to the different farm animals to fight off the foxes and save the farm. To aid you in your task there are a few different types of animals that you can unleash from your trusty catapult.

You can fire goats, chickens, cows and pigs; each one has its own characteristics the same as in Angry Birds. The app was made by smarter apps; you can visit their home page by following this link. If you want to just go ahead and get the app then you can over at BlackBerry’s AppWorld and it will set you back by $4.99.

What do you think of this knockoff? Is it good that BlackBerry finally have some flinging action? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Chriscoe

    Just purchased the game and it has it's ups and downs. It is very similar to angray birds through-out the entire game but the game is slow at times on the Torch.

  • nibb

    Come on guys. Its a total ripoff and not even clever with it. All we have here is a re-skin, swap birds for animals and pigs for foxes and its no different

  • Gannicus

    No one cares nibb. BB owners have begged for AB but it aint happening so someone have giving us an alternative. Its life so deal with it.