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iPad 2 Feature Rumors: Latest roundup - Higher specs but no SD slot

February 25, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We know that many of you are closely following developments for the next-generation Apple iPad, or iPad 2 as it’s been dubbed. We’ve been giving you news and speculation about this much-anticipated device for some time now but have some news today with more details about just what we should expect from the many specs and features that have been rumored.

Some weeks ago we published a rumor roundup but there has been constant chopping-and-changing news since then. Most recently for example we published articles about whether the iPad 2 could have FaceTime video chat in HD (which came to the new MacBook Pro line announced yesterday). We’ve also given you news of an official event next week, March 2, where we expect to see the announcement and possibly even the release of the next iPad.

Today’s information comes from Joshua Topolsky over on Engadget, who reports that a usually reliable source has given them the latest on what to expect. According to the source which Engadget says has often been “dead right” on Apple plans and specs, the next iPad will NOT have the SD card slot that has been rumored, and also will NOT have the higher-resolution display that many anticipated. The reasons for this are unclear but ideas being bandied around seem to point at “engineering issues” which could possibly mean the iPad 2 has been changed from that originally planned.

Things we are likely to see for the iPad 2 are a thinner version with higher specs such as 512MB of RAM and the rumored A5 processor. It’s also noted that both the resolution and screen size are the same as the original iPad and it seems to be fairly safe to say that there will be at least one camera and more likely two, as leaked iPad 2 cases have indicated. Other things that we might hear about at the launch include iOS 4.3 and a possible review of iOS 5, and some differences for Apple’s cloud services but there was no further news about the rumored smart bezel feature we wrote about recently.

Fred Straker over on The iPad Guide also reports on the iPad 2 launch event next week and makes a good point that the new Thunderbolt technology developed by Intel could also be a feature of the new iPad as this was also confirmed yesterday for the new lineup of MacBook Pros. Straker also anticipates that the iPad 2 could have an enhanced speaker. For now of course, we’ll just have to wait and see but at least there’s not too much longer to wait. If you fancy a laugh in the meantime take a look at this fake video preview. What are your thoughts on this latest roundup of rumors about features and specs for the iPad 2? Let us know with your comments please.

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