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American Facebook Users: 42%- Twitter 7%: Surprised?

February 25, 2022 | Matt Tran
American Facebook Users: 42%- Twitter 7%: Surprised?

We all know that Facebook and Twitter are the 2 biggest social networking services on the planet. However there is a huge difference between first and second, in the battle for social dominance.

A study conducted by eMarketer via Mashable has revealed that 42.3% of Americans with an interent connection had been using the site as of this month. Surprisingly it came to light that the huge microblogging service Twitter, was only being used by 9% of Americans on the internet and 7% of the US population overall.

Facebook currently carries over 600 million active users and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that his site gets 250 million daily users. The survey suggests that 9/10 social networkers in the US have a Facebook account, and this just goes to show how powerful the site has become. Brafton has reported that if predictions are accurate then Facebook will reach 89.6% of U.S social networkers by the end of 2011.

We have spoken before about Twitter’s encouraging growth; although the microblog is dwarfed by Facebook it is still steadily gaining users. Twitter’s user base has been predicted to grow to 11% of American internet users and 16.5% of all social networkers by the end of the year. Facebook has been valued at around $50 billion and Twitter at around $10 billion. Does value show the difference between the 2 services, or is it just an indicator? So is Facebook in a different league to Twitter or will they become equal sooner that later? Let us know your thoughts.

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