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Motorola Xoom Tablet: Review Roundup - Pros and Cons

February 24, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been bringing you news and speculation regarding the Motorola Xoom tablet device that has now finally been released, since it was first leaked. Among our most recent articles on the Xoom were how to upgrade to 4G LTE when available, price details and the news that it would not have Flash on release but will get Adobe Flash 10.2 when released in a few weeks.

The first reviews for the Motorola Xoom are now flooding in and many of them are rather mixed and not quite so complimentary as many had hoped for. We thought we’d give you a review roundup to give you an overall idea of what’s being said. One of the most comprehensive reviews is, as always, over on Engadget, this time by Joshua Topolsky.

It looks into the hardware, internals such as display and battery life, cameras, software, browser, apps such as music and YouTube, pricing and data, just about everything you need in fact. The review notes that the Android 3.0 Honeycomb device is a serious iPad contender. The device has very high specs and 4G LTE connection capability to come, all of which has led to a high price. The conclusion of the review starts by saying that it’s “fast and sleek” and that “there’s a lot to like.”

However, Topolsky also notes some drawbacks such as the software, which he feels may have been rushed to get the Xoom released ahead of the iPad 2. Some design flaws are also noted and the OS apparently feels unfinished. These issues along with the heavy price, makes the advice to wait-and-see seem sensible, with the outcome being that although the Xoom has great potential and indeed it has some aspects that outdo the iPad, it has not got enough to offer just yet.

Another review, this time over on PC World, by Melissa J. Perenson, gives the Xoom a 3.5 out of 5 star rating and obviously that’s not what Motorola or Verizon were hoping for. It’s another detailed review and also includes a list of Pros and Cons. Pros include it running 3.0 Honeycomb, a good performance and a solid design while Cons include the instability of the OS, the price and the middling display among others. Perenson concludes by saying that although the Xoom is “well-conceived and well-constructed” it does still appear to need some fine-honing and is a costly device and therefore does not receive a rousing endorsement.

Michael Calore and Dylan Tweney of Wired give a review on CNN and as many reviewers have, base their review on a comparison with the iPad and once again note the high cost of the Xoom which makes buying one a “bigger leap of faith” than with the iPad. The large display receives praise as well as the processor performance and the Android OS along with the cameras and the optional external keyboard. However as with the other reviews we’ve seen this is a rather mixed review and notable drawbacks include bugs to iron out on the OS, the rear-facing speakers, and virtual buttons clogging up the display.

The last review we’re taking a look at is over on TIME by Harry McCracken of Technologizer. His thorough review also concludes that the best advice for consumers who are wondering whether to buy the Xoom right now, is to wait, at least until we hear what the iPad 2 has to offer at an event next Wednesday. Although McCracken notes the Xoom is a viable option to the iPad, again it seems to be the case that the potential has not quite been fulfilled…yet!

We hope this roundup has given an overall impression of the Xoom, although with all the reviews being rather mixed it may have left some of you in a quandary. Let us know your thoughts on the Motorola Xoom. Are you still intending to purchase the device or do you think you might wait and see what else may be coming? Let us know with your comments please.

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  1. Alsow says:

    I am an android fan. But, as always , I wait for the first bugs to be fixed before (if) buying my gadget

  2. marco ramos says:

    I just recently purchased the device, and really like it. However, all these talk about unstability with the software sounds like I should have waited. Is there any way to try to prevent bugs for my device other than downloadable apps?

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