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MacBook Pro Release Imminent Today: Apple Store Down

February 24, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM we’ve been bringing you a lot of news and speculation about the new MacBook Pro line for 2011. We told of some rumored features and then a possible release date of February 24, today!

Since then we’ve also written about a possible iMac update also arriving, more rumored specs for the MacBook Pro and then yesterday took a look at the “Thunderbolt” or Light Peak feature that will offer high-speed connection. Now we’ve got excellent news for many of you who are awaiting the release of the MacBook pros as it looks as though our release date of February 24 was correct.

Vlad Savov over on Engadget, sourced from the Apple Store, reports that the Apple online Store is currently down with the usual message “We are busy updating the store,” followed by a tongue-in-cheek, “Please inform your favorite tech blog.” For the uninitiated among you the Store always goes down as a new product line is being added and after several hours, hey presto, the Store comes back to working order with the new product/s proudly displayed.

It would be too much to think that this is not for the MacBook Pro line widely speculated so if you’re waiting you only have a few hours more before you can see the new Pros in all their glory. Roland Hutchinson over on Geeky Gadgets, also notes the Apple Store putting up its shutters temporarily, and says that the announcement of the Pros is expected after the Intel announcement about the new Thunderbolt technology later today. Are you waiting for the MacBook Pros that now appear to be imminent? Let us know with your comments.

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  • georgemaier

    Can. Not. Wait. Lets hope the specs have some dramatic improvement, but most importantly I WANT IT TO BE THINNER! Also instant on. They did it on the air so I expect it from the pro

  • jon the postman

    I want it to make me a nice cup of tea (no sugar thanks)

  • joshwawilson

    as much as i want it to be macbook pros id rather have it be ipad 2's!! :P

  • Guest