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HTC Thunderbolt Release Date: Further Delay - Now March 4?

February 24, 2022 | Debbie Turner

It would be fair to say that the HTC Thunderbolt smartphone is one of the most-awaited releases for this year so far, with many people eager to get their hands on this 4G phone with 8-megapixel camera, 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen and 1GHz Qualcomm processor, all running on the Android 2.2 operating system.

Among our many recent articles on the HTC Thunderbolt, which is coming to Verizon, were news of a new ad teaser, stories that it may not have the Skype feature at first, it’s inclusion in our pick of the best upcoming Android smartphones and a review with video comparisons. However many of our recent posts have also focused on the ever chopping-and-changing release dates. We know this has been frustrating a lot of you as news on the release from constant leaks has built-up hopes of a release, only for the phone to be delayed again. Now we have more news about yet another delay.

We’ve already passed the middle of the month when many people first thought the Thunderbolt would be released and in our last release news we noted a new possible date of February 28 being speculated along with some pricing confusion. However this latest will not please a lot of you as current speculation is that the release of the Thunderbolt will be delayed further, possibly until March 4, according to Artem Russakovski over on Android Police, sourced from @BestBuy129.

The rumor comes from a Best Buy store in Roseville, which gave out some news on its Twitter account. The store tweeted, “HTC Thunderbolt has been delayed. It looks like it may launch on Thursday, 4th March. Stay tuned for more info.” The fact that 4th March is actually a Friday doesn’t help us to know if this tweet was reliable, however it does add to a lot of people wondering just what might be wrong with the HTC Thunderbolt as it has still not been released.

If you’re wondering about the HTC Thunderbolt release saga then you may be interested in reading an article by John Carson over on which looks into the conflicting release dates and wonders whether this is all a marketing ploy by Verizon, Best Buy and HTC to drum up interest, which could in fact turn out to be a big marketing disaster. We know that many of our readers have previously commented about their frustration regarding the release date confusion for the HTC Thunderbolt. Are you one of those waiting, or maybe you’re just getting pretty fed up? Let us know with your comments please.

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Comments (23)

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  1. HDP says:

    Verizon needs to pull their heads out of their behinds and let the consumers know when this phone is going to be released!

  2. givemethunderbolt says:

    FIRST! Seriously, I feel as though VZW has been just playing "just the tip" with us. Been waiting for this beast of a phone for awhile and all this teasing is making me think twice about just getting an iphone.

  3. Tom says:

    Im getting sick and tired of waiting for this phone. If its a marketing ploy then its not working anymore. There are so many choices out there, different phones and different carriers. Verizon is ticking me off now.

    • Guest says:

      Actually, it would seem it IS working, if among those myriad of choices, you have not yet chosen one of them. Besides, where is it written where Verizon has ANY obligation to do anything but offer the sale of the phone. All I have seen is speculation upon speculation about the date of sale and NONE of it is coming from Verizon. It does not seem to me that Verizon is pulling ANY stunts, but plenty of proof that people unrelated to Verizon stirring people up it false information, sale dates etc.

      The phone will be on sale when Verizon decides to release it and not a minute more and Verizon has no obligation to anyone to do anything more about it. If you want the phone, wait for it, or go to one of those plenty more choice phones.

  4. Mike says:

    I have been waiting for this phone for a while now and was hoping to wake up today and go get it. Why doesn't Verizon just post a release date and let the public know when they can pick it up? This is getting really old.

    • maureen says:

      I agree. I am tired of checking internet and calling Best Buy and Verizon. I feel like we wont have this phone till May.. I think everyone would like their phone before summer. They say it will be here before June.. Are you kidding me… How about March 4th or 21st.?
      Which is it people.
      Siincerely Maureen

  5. Nick says:

    Fed up……plain and simple. This teaser has become teaser enough. I still want one, but I am starting to wonder just how bad of a phone this is going to be? What's wrong with it, that it has to be delayed THREE times? Keep delaying it, and I will just wait on the Bionic………….

  6. Mike says:

    Well I've been waiting for the phone as I need to get rid of my dying BB Curve, but I honestly can't wait much longer. iPhone 4 or Droid X this weekend.

  7. Justin says:

    Fed up. I was on my way to get the iphone4 when my buddy called and told me about the thunderbolt. All in all it seems to be a good phone, but it being the first 4glte phone on verizon could pose alot of problems. I am close to just giving up the risk and getting the iphone 4, then getting the motorola biotic this summer. At least then the lte should be up and running in my area and they will have the dual processors in it. I think the Thunderbolt is just a phone to throw on the market for its service.

  8. Marcia says:

    I currently have a Blackberry Curve 8330 that's on it's last leg. If i have to "pull" the battery one more time to get it to unfreeze, i think i'm going to toss it out the window of a moving vehicle. I had been waiting patiently for the Thunderbolt, opting for the newer equipment vs. the verizon iphone that's technically last years model (software). My friends keep laughing at me (in good fun) cause i keep stalking the internet to see if there is any change of the release date. Now the24th is here and still nothing….i'm kind of done being teased and i think i may have to get the iphone anyway.

    • Marcia says:

      Just bought the iphone. My blackberry got the app error 200 and i said enough already. So if Verizon was trying to force everyone to buy the iphone….i guess their Jedi mind trick worked on me. LOL

  9. frank says:

    I work at a best buy and no such information has been relayed to any of us management, line level or district level on a hard street date. Also, the 4th of march is a friday not a thursday so I begin to question the intelligence and validity of the best buy in rosedales posting.

  10. Mark M. Goldstein says:

    It seems to me that if Verizon cared about it's current and potential new customers they could easily put all the rumors and speculation to rest with the facts. The fact that they are not doing so makes me feel, for one, like I am once again being manipulated by corporate America for what they perceive to be their marketing interests. It would be a wonderful gesture of defiance if all of us who had looked forward to the release of this phone(I preordered it at Best Buy on February 6th) made the commitment to Verizon that they either end this farce now with the truth or suffer the unintended consequence of cosumers pushing back by refusing to purchase the phone when it is released. It's all up to you Verizon!

  11. AyeWeezy says:

    Yes, I am waiting and getting a bit skeptical about the quality and reliability. I ended my AT&T contract on the 12th, with the anticipation of the original V-Day release date. Haven't been too frustrated, as google voice has held me over. But, I agree this could be disastrous for Verizon/HTC if it is a marketing ploy.

  12. Jillian says:

    Fed up! My daughters B-day is March 3rd. She wants this phone. :(

  13. TMT says:

    FED UP! Verizon sent that teaser tweet several weeks back "Some looking for the #4G #LTE HTC #Thunderbolt. May be sooner than we expected". Then Best Buy opened its cash registers for tbolt deposits on 2/6…which I made..and was told I would have the phone on 2/14. Now we have a new teaser page, and TV commercials… AND NO RELEASE DATE. If its not ready, its not ready…I get it. Just tell us a release date so we know. Manage our expectations and stop teasing. Last night Verizon tweeted that when there was news, they would share it. They are the one making the decision to create the news - the news does not come to them from come other source. It is fully within their abilities to say "hey all - we plan to release tbolt on XX/XX/XXXX". I am totally fed up.

  14. Erik says:

    To all of you saying that they're fed up and will buy the iPhone now:

    That's exactly what Verizon wants :) They won't have any problem selling the TBolt. They're pushing it out so people have enough time to buy the iPhone without being able to return it for the TBolt.

  15. DXM says:

    Best Buy is no more reliable than Verizon as far as I am concerned. On their website under the Weekly Add (in More Details) it list the TBolt at $299. Yet in last Saturday's circular it is listed at $249.99. Come on people. This is rediculous! If you want to believe it is all marketing hype, that's fine, but since one company can't even keep the price straight from their printed ads to their web advertising, that tells me they have NO IDEA what they are doing.

  16. NoOne says:

    Best Buy & Verizon are sure willing to take our pre-order money and keep delaying the release date, but if we were delayed in paying our bill, we’d be thrown to the bill collectors!

  17. John says:

    Looks like Verizon is now doing the Apple marketing and control GAME! I do not like being deceived like a two year old child. I agree with the earlier posts … Vzw should have with a more definitive launch date especially after all this preorder crap at Best Buy. Yes, I preordered and bit the VZW cookie! I have been a Verizon wireless customer for 13 years and feel it’s time to change with all the billing mistakes and deception. I have learned the hard way you have to really on the game when you deal with VZW.

    The problem it seems …. all the major cell phone providers do the same thing. It’s hard to find a reputable company anymore that understands customer service. I have 6 phones on my plan and all out of contract. Stopped by AT&T yesterday ….. They were eager to drop the price on some of their high end phones and throw in additional services just to get my business. Kind of makes you feel like a “Lady of the night”

  18. Peter says:

    Listen, I'm not going to leave the best wireless company because they are delaying the release of a phone. I preordered it at best buy and I too am upset but this phone is the best out there by a long shot. I'm sure it's benchmarks will not be beaten for quite somme time. I'm still on my samsung omni a i910, with windows mobile 6.1, so I'm definately ready for my due upgrade.

  19. Frank says:

    First off Verizon never officially gave a release date its all been online rumors so I dont understand why people get pissed off. Just stop reading from unreliable source

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