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2011 MacBook Pro Line: Hands-On with New Light Peak (Thunderbolt)

February 24, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Earlier today we informed that the new lineup of MacBook Pros 2011 had been released and that Light Peak technology, now renamed Thunderbolt, was now also confirmed. Since we first heard about the imminent arrival of a new MacBook Pro line last week we’ve brought you all the news and speculation about a possible release today and when the online Apple Store went down earlier today it seemed this would shortly be confirmed.

The new Thunderbolt technology will give high-speed connections and high-resolution display with speeds of up to 10gps, working both to and from your device, as it is dual-channel. In our earlier article we said we couldn’t wait to hear of the first-hands on with one of the new MacBook Pros and Nilay Patel over on Engadget has been quick to it!

Engadget took a look at a 15-inch MacBook Pro refresh review unit and straight away noted the new Thunderbolt icon on the side of the unit which otherwise looks very similar to the older version. As there are not yet any Thunderbolt peripherals out yet it was not possible to test the new connection but Engadget stated that backwards compatibility with Mini DisplayPort worked as it should. The full reviews coming out shortly will have more on performance speeds but Engadget said that the hands-on version had the 2.2GHz quad-core Sandy Bridge core i7 which when initially tested gained a Bench score of 9647.

A quick demo of the Pro in action was also seen and with four uncompressed HD video streams played at the same time the throughput meter was measured at 600-700MBps and a 5GB file transfer was managed in only a few seconds. Scott Stein over on Cnet has also had a hands-on experience with one of the new MacBook Pros and his article focuses on the 13-inch model. Cnet found the data transfer speeds were impressive and pointed out that this would really benefit filmmakers and professional photographers.

So far so good and it will be really interesting to see the first in-depth reviews when they start appearing. What are your thoughts on the new lineup of MacBook Pros for 2011? Let us know with your comments please.

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