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New MacBook Pro: Take a Light Peak At “Thunderbolt” Connection?

February 23, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Apple’s MacBook Pro models will be refreshed, news of which has been a hot topic of discussion in recent days. An official launch will take place tomorrow (Thursday) in San Francisco, coincidentally falling on the same day as Steve Jobs birthday. Here at OSM we have given you snippets of information that may or may not ring true, but until tomorrow rumor is all we can go on.

Just this morning we gave you news on a report that had been seen, stating that with regards to a white MacBook Pro model, Apple were planning to discontinue the entry level MacBook. As well as this in order to boot the operating system, hardware would include 16GB Go SSD mSATA drives.

Adding to this, subsequent news has followed in relation to the “Light Peak Technology” which will be a key factor with the refresh. Suggestions are that Intel’s faster connection technology will have a change of name to “Thunderbolt.” Confusing you will agree with the arrival of HTC’s Thunderbolt smartphone.

As Engadget reported, the high-speed optical cabling with the view to connecting electronic devices together, will give high bandwidth starting at 10Gb/s with the potential to rise to 100Gb/s over the next 10 years. To give you some indication of what 10Gb/s is capable of, Engadget compared this to transferring an entire Blue-Ray movie taking less than 30 seconds.

Over at Slashgear via Mac4Ever, a leaked photo above shows the rumored Thunderbolt Light Peak Connector on an already updated MacBook Pro. As you can see from the image, a new port between the FireWire and USB ports is clearly visible.

Along with the suggested introduction of a dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, other snap shots from Apple’s promotional campaign show images of the standard keyboard and trackpad. We suppose its a case of “if its not broken don’t fix it.”

Give your thoughts on today’s news? Are you in line for a new refreshed MacBook Pro and if so, which model is tempting you?

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