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Android App Tells You When People Ditch You On Facebook

February 23, 2022 | Mike Smith

With Facebook being a big part of all our lives we are always on the look out to make our social networking experience run a little easier, with the help of mobile phones this addictive social burden has become one step simpler. To help us with our mobile networking Android have just released an app that will tell you when people ditch you on Facebook.

According to this post from this new app will monitor your Facebook account, and notify you when anyone from your friends list goes on a spring clean and deletes you from their friends list, once finished performing this task the notification will send you the person’s name and picture and allow you to view their profile.

After reading this post from we can tell you that this app is now available on the Android Market, amply named Unfriend Watch this app is priced at £1.85 and will also feature a free version as well. To check this out for yourself you can follow this link through to the Android Market.

This app which was created by Alex Guberman, of Cupertino-based Digi-Q is expected to stir up some upset, Guberman had this to say about his creation “It’s kind of a ‘dis’ nowadays to unfriend someone. So, naturally most people want to know when that happens to them. When you download our app you will be able to find out when you lose a friend on Facebook right away.”

This app is one of the latest ways that we can constantly keep track on our online lives, a couple of days ago we reported on new Facebook relationship settings, this will send notifications to people in your friends list informing them if your relationship status changes.

Will you be trying this app out? If you do let us know how you get on

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