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Protecting Your Identity On Social Media Sites

February 22, 2022 | Mike Smith

If you’re anything like us here at OSM then social networking sites will take up a huge part of not only your day but also your life, with everyday use like arranging to meet friends or discussing the football results, it’s important that you take every step you can when protecting your identity on these social media sites.

We have previously brought you posts on how to keep your personal information safe on your mobile phones, as well as what other security threats social media sites have. With this in mind we thought we would bring you a bit more information on how to keep safe when using sites like Facebook and Twitter.

As approximately 65 percent of users of sites like these do not set high security or privacy settings, the information that you put on these sites could potentially make you a victim of identity theft. In order to help you not become just another statistic Matt McKinney has put together a few simple steps that you can follow.

These steps are things like not posting vacation plans or pictures until you get home, don’t post password clues on your profile (things like your town of birth or mother’s maiden name) and the major one (which approximately 40 percent of social site users have already done) is do not post your home address on your profile. To check out all his tips follow this link to

Hopefully you will find this information useful, and it will help you think just that little bit harder before you post something potentially damaging on your profile. The best tip we could think of is to simply adjust your privacy settings on your profile, to help you with this you can read this post by our very own Maddy.

Will news like this make you change the way you use social media sites?

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