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iMac Refresh 2011: Update Rumor - Not Just New MacBook Pros

February 22, 2022 | Debbie Turner
iMac Refresh 2011: Update Rumor – Not Just New MacBook Pros

Here at OSM we’ve been bringing you a lot of news over the past few days about the refreshed MacBook Pro line for 2011. We told of rumors about a possible release this week and about new Light Peak technology. Today we published further news about some rumored new features and then a speculated release date of February 24, to tie in with the birthday of Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder and CEO who is currently on medical leave.

There’s been a lot of excitement about the new MacBook Pros but until now things have been very quiet regarding a new iMac or iMac line. However we have now heard some news about a possible new iMac from Sam Oliver of Apple Insider who reports on news from DigiTimes. Supply chain sources for DigiTimes have said that a new iMac desktop could be released along with the new MacBook Pros. The sources also claim that the updated iMac could have new screen sizes.

DigiTimes had previously reported (December 2010) a new iMac coming in the first half of 2011, and at that time told of a new panel size and also a new price point. The last refresh for the Apple iMac range was last July with current prices from $1,199. Eric Slivka over on MacRumors also talks of the DigiTimes report but notes that although a refresh for the iMac could certainly be expected, there have not been longer shipping dates given for current iMacs as there have been for MacBook Pros recently.

If you’re waiting for a new iMac though this appears to be good news as it does seem likely that a new iMac line will be announced shortly. We shall of course keep you up-to-date with developments as we hear them. Are you waiting for a new iMac? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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Comments (15)

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  1. Scott says:

    Yes I am waiting for the new iMac!!!

  2. Martin says:

    Waiting iMac refresh to replace 2006 model in which HDD died before Christmas.

  3. I love my 2007 iMac. I had a crash 'scare' a couple of months ago, but I work from home editing videos and it is SO important that I have as much memory/hard drive space, and a bigger screen would be lovely (even though I have a 24 inch already).

    I'm holding off until I hear what's new and good with a new iMac. For me, it can't come soon enough!!!

  4. christina says:

    I’m waiting for a new iMac and it hurts!

  5. Amy says:

    I'm waiting for the new iMac!! I never waited for a new gadget before. This should be…interesting…

  6. Edgar says:

    I purchased my 27" i7 iMac on 2/21 and it has yet to ship.

    I hope they delay the shipment and send me a new one if they release them on thurs. Otherwise I'm using the 14 day return policy. :-/ Eitherway, I'll be getting the new iMac, they just choose how lol.

  7. ary says:

    im also waiting…..hmmmmmmmmmm hope not too long.!

  8. erufino1 says:

    Definitively been waiting for the iMac update here.
    Now I don't know what to expect since today's release did not include iMacs, but I'm only hopeful that perhaps the March 2 event will include it…
    Should I just give up and get the current model?

  9. Ross says:

    Here's my wish list for my next iMac

    CPUNew architecture/Intel Sandy Bridge B2 LGA 2011
    Display minimum 27"
    Memory & bus speed 1333MHz
    SATA Version 3.0
    USB Version3.0
    Base memory 8GB
    Base HDD 2TB
    SSD option Yes
    MB embedded NAND flashDesireable
    Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

  10. Joey says:

    Will the new imac be anymore expensive than the imac on sale at the moment? If so, how much is it probable they will be? Thanks

  11. Damm it I need a new mac my G5 tower is dying can you please announce the new iMac

    a 30" would be cool too!!

  12. I am in trouble here… Macbook Pro or iMac? Mobility or Power? Or both (for more money)? The new MacBook Pro 13-inch model brought Sandy Bridge and the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 card. I read on the internet about the new integrated graphics card being a 'setback' from the previous-generation nVidia Geforce 320M graphics card. And the new AMD Radeon chips being much faster, but still very pricy. I am prepared to wait, but I'm also prepared to do something in the weekends for extra money. I, being an occasional gamer and video editor, do not intend to pay massive amounts of money just for a computer that can handle everyday tasks (just for the lower-end 13 inch). Any advice??

  13. Dale C says:

    @Ilari Anemaet - I am in the same boat. I really like the new MacBook Pro refresh (I'm typing on a mid-2009 15" MBP now) and am tempted to purchase one of the new 13" MBPs to use as a second portable Mac. It would be nice to have something just as powerful as my 15" machine but a little more light and portable. I'm also considering the purchase of a 21.5inch iMac because I don't currently have a desktop Mac at all. However, knowing that the iMac line will soon be updated to include Sandy Bridge CPUs and a Thunderbolt port (and possibly a lower price point) - although it would be excruciating for me, I am tempted to just wait it out. C'mon Apple! Hurry up and update the iMac line… this money is burning a hole in my pocket!

  14. sjogro says:

    Been waiting for a year, hoping for faster I/O. I guess now with Thunderbolt it's coming…. But how much more months ??

  15. zorg says:

    I'm waiting for new imac, and i can't wait!

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