Hands Free Car Control With NFC Concept

We have all seen key-less entry for our cars, the use of keys in locks seems to be a process that is on its way out. By simply having a key or card about your person, it allows you to gain access to the vehicle and in more and more cases gives you the ability to start the engine with a touch of a button.

But if you thought that this was as far as you could go with automotive control then think again. Pocket-lint reported on a new concept car shown off at the Mobile World Congress last week, in a design partnership between Continental and NXP.

The concept uses Near Field Communications technology and replaces everyday functions with mobile phone interaction. As NFC News confirms, this system would mean that the use of keys could be eliminated altogether.

By simply approaching your vehicle the system will start a recognition sequence between your device and the car. This will in turn not just let you gain access but also adjust the seat, mirrors and climate to your pre-set specifications.

Once inside the car you can dock you mobile phone in a special hardwired cradle, which will sync all your handsets information. You will then be able to start the engine, connect to your phone contacts and select any music or movies via the hands free system.

In addition to this NFC will display precise MPG, distance and service information, whilst also being able to send GPS coordinates to your phone to help you find your vehicle in the car park.

However whilst I embrace technology and find this very impressive, it does leave me thinking about the implications of so much information stored in one place. For instance if your handset was lost or damaged, you would be unable to get into your car. Also could this cause the insurance costs of mobiles to skyrocket with the importance of all the information stored on it?

Let us know your thoughts, is this the way forward, or a step too far?