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Facebook & Twitter: How Teens Boost Their Social Street Cred

February 21, 2022 | Debbie Turner

The use of social networking is making itself increasingly more prevalent in everyday life and we recently wrote about how parents and teens can handle their Facebook relationships. For some people, namely teens who have grown up using it, it’s not exactly surprising that they may represent themselves in a different light to appear more cool perhaps, using Facebook or Twitter.

Now we hear of an Australian telecommunications company survey which has looked into how teens use Facebook and Twitter and seems to confirm that many of them boost their social street cred with the use of their mobiles and social networking sites. An article by Paul Lilly over on Maximum PC reports on the survey from Telstra, which has discovered some important insights.

For example a third of the teens surveyed admitted they had downloaded an iPhone app or used other people’s Facebook or Twitter posts, in an attempt to impress their peers. Some teens even lie about where they are by checking into a place that makes them look cool when they may be somewhere completely different. Statistically the survey found that 44% of teens said they used Facebook Places to check-in at locations simply for appearance while 22% said it was to look cool. 12% said they did so to fit in while another 10% did it to make others jealous.

However this is not quite an accurate representation of where they are a lot of the time as half of teens use the check-in feature selectively, for instance when they are somewhere cool, such as a gig maybe, but not when doing something less exciting. The survey showed that males are the biggest deceivers with 20% of Gen Y males confessing they had checked-in to locations on Facebook Places when they were not actually there, while only 12% of females did so.

To look at much more information and statistics from the survey head to the links above and on the Telstar link you’ll also find some ultimate tips to appear cool. Meanwhile if you worry about your teens using Twitter you may find an article by Alice Marwick and Danah Boyd on The Guardian interesting, which looks into how teens have become well versed in safeguarding their privacy on the site.

Are you a teen and do you use social networking to boost your social street cred, and if so how? We’d be really interested to hear from you about this so please send us your comments using the box below.

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