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iPad 2 “Real Deal” Leather Carry Case? Video Shown

February 20, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Apple’s next generation iPad is still a hot topic of conversation as well as the up and coming iPhone 5. Although an official release date for the iPad has still not been confirmed, rumors are suggesting that it will make an entrance in April. So far to date, we have reported on many possible features that may be included on the iPad such as a new thinner smaller 7-inch design, cameras, built in adjustable kickstand, external speaker grilles, the possibility that the A4 processor will stay, along with other tablet manufacturers struggling to obtain touch panels for their devices due to Apple demand.

Putting this speculation to one side, it seems that a Asian case supplier has also been keeping busy. News in today is of a leather case for the iPad 2, which has been seen on a video. The guys over at Phones Review via Daily iPhone Blog, have spotted a hands-on video of the case thanks to M.I.C. Gadget. When you look at the video below, you will see that when a current iPad is positioned on top of the case, it doesn’t fit, its too thick with not even the slightest chance of fitting snugly into it, therefore implying that the case has been made for the iPad 2. The Asian supplier who remains anonymous, reported that the case has been made, tried and tested with the iPad 2 in mind.

The content is believed to be the real thing and not just a prototype. Apparently some 120,000 of these cases in January, have already been shipped from China to America to a subsequent “famous case company.”

Give us your thoughts on this new video? Are you tempted by another iPad version or just swayed into trying another tablet?

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