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HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon: No Skype Video - What else?

February 20, 2022 | Debbie Turner

One of the most eagerly anticipated smartphones of recent times has been the HTC Thunderbolt coming to Verizon. This highly impressive Android device caught a lot of attention when it was first revealed but lately rumblings have begun to surface.

If you want to catch up with some information on the HTC Thunderbolt hit the links to our previous articles. Among our most recent were a review with video comparisons, a free mobile hotspot rumor and a look at its single-core processor. However, we know how many people have been frustrated by the conflicting release information, with seemingly one setback after another. You can read the latest on that here. Many of our readers voiced their concerns over this and as we get nearer to the release of the Thunderbolt, the first 4G phone for the Verizon network, there seem to be more snags.

The HTC Thunderbolt will have a 1GHz processor, a 4.3-inch display, an 8-megapixel camera with HD video recording and will run on Android 2.2. One of the other features though was supposed to be Skype video chat although we previously speculated that Skype may not be available on launch. Now though there seems to be confirmation of this as Russell Holly over on reports. Holly tells us first-off that while data for the Thunderbolt will indeed be 4G, that does not apply to voice which will still be CDMA. On top of this there’s more news on Skype. shows an e-mail with details of HTC Thunderbolt training documents, which clearly says that trainings have been updated and that references to Skype Mobile with Video have been removed. The reason for this is not clear although Holly speculates that Skype perhaps hasn’t finished incorporating QIK into the current set-up. This news is sure to worry some people who are now wondering exactly what they will be getting, as opposed to what they first thought.

It may be worth noting though that there were rumors at one point of it being released without the mobile hotspot capability and as far as we know that will be available now but the document above does look pretty telling. If you want to find out more about the HTC Thunderbolt then head to the HTC website here. You may also be interested to hear that we included it in our roundup of some of the best upcoming Android smartphones. Are you one of the people who really want the HTC Thunderbolt, and does any of this put you off? Maybe you still feel the Thunderbolt has more than enough to offer as it’s still an impressive phone? Why not let us know with your comments.

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Comments (3)

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  1. Rex D says:

    I don't know WHY I keep clicking on these links to read these USELESS articles… the rumors and conflicting info have at this point made me lose motivation to buy a new phone. Especially when the new phones seem to keep falling short on some level. They include a must have feature, but then short the phone on another feature.

  2. Luke says:

    Basically, I'm better of sticking with my EVO4G. What is the point of even making any network 4G if it airs in less than 15 states…wtf what about the rest of us on these slow 2 and 3g networks in the other 35 states. The phone worth getting or not since there appears to be one drawback after another.

  3. HTC ya later says:

    Scoreboard!!! Nebraska beats Texas. Yeah baby. Oh, and the Thunderbolt will be released March 4th. Book it Danno. Etc. Also, February is spelled with two r's.

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