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2011 MacBook Pro Refresh: New Feature Could be Light Peak

February 20, 2022 | Debbie Turner
2011 MacBook Pro Refresh: New Feature Could be Light Peak

Life for Apple enthusiasts is getting very interesting just lately with news and speculation every day about the iPad 2 and iPhone 5. Then just a few days ago we reported on rumors about a 2011 MacBook Pro line refresh and how they could be out in March. Only moments ago we also reported on news that they could actually be here as early as next week as well a pricing news.

Now we’ve heard of a new high-speed connection technology that could be incorporated in the upcoming MacBook Pros using something called Light Peak technology. Although it’s not confirmed it will be in the updated Pros, it’s certainly a possibility, as reported by Brooke Crothers over on Cnet. The Light Peak technology has been worked on by Intel for some years now and Cnet’s source said that Apple was due to make an announcement about it very shortly.

Although Apple will soon begin to utilize Light Peak technology it’s likely that it will use a different name for it. Intel previously said that devices using Light Peak may be coming in the first 6 months of 2011. Light Peak was originally intended to replace all the existing cables that are used for connecting various things to computers but at first it’s likely to target more specific connection protocols. Also instead of using light-based technologies as the name suggests, it will first use copper.

Light Peak would enable noticeably higher speeds of 10 gigabits per second carrying data simultaneously in both directions. For much more on Light Peak technology check out a previous Cnet article also by Brooke Crothers.

Sam Oliver over on Apple Insider also reports on the Cnet story about Light Peak possibly coming to the imminent MacBook Pros refresh but notes that this is pure guesswork. However Oliver also notes an Apple Insider source informed them that the upcoming MacBook Pros would have “significant feature enhancements” that are nothing to do with the anticipated plans to use Sandy Bridge architecture. It also points out that some earlier reports noted that there could be some “minor changes” to the design of the chassis.

For now it’s anybody’s guess but after our earlier news today it appears that none of us will have to wait very long to find out more about this. What are your thoughts on new high-speed connection coming to the MacBook Pro line refresh? Let us know by sending us your comments on this.

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