Libya Protests: Internet Access Shut Down as Unrest Grows

The world is a changing place at the moment and social media and its use is playing a very big part in that. Following on from the recent unrest in Tunisia and then also Egypt where the Internet was shut down to try to curb the spread of protests and demonstrations, now the people of Libya have taken to the streets.

Robert McMillan of IDG over on Computerworld reports that now in Libya too, the Internet is being shut down. The General Post and Telecommunciations Company, which is the major Internet service provider in Libya, started the close down yesterday and as of today Internet access is “largely off-the-air,” according to Earl Zmijewski of Renesys, an Internet monitoring company.

Thousands are protesting in Libya in a bid for political reform and Amnesty International is saying that 46 people are already reported to have been killed. Because of the lack of Internet access it makes it much more difficult for Libya’s people, and of course foreign media, to gauge the current situation as it happens. One company, NeoSmart Technologies, that produces software, cited “friends” in the country as saying the Libyan government stepped in to ensure Internet access was blocked.

Jolie O’Dell over on Mashable also reports on the Internet being shut down in Libya and includes data that shows a total drop in Google Search traffic in the country. Our hopes are that there will be no further bloodshed in the country but this seems unlikely as many Libyan people are determined to depose Muammar al-Gadaffi who has been in charge of the country since a military coup in 1969.

We’ll be following this story with interest. What are your thoughts on the Internet being shut down in Libya and do you think it’s an abuse of basic human rights in these modern times? We’d be interested to hear your views on this so please send us your comments in the box below.

  • Josh

    It's not down, it's only incredibly slow! when you can read this message here, upload from Libya was successful!

  • higado2

    Oooooh. Mubarek now looks like such a nice guy when compared to Gaddafi, doesn't he? The poor Libyan people …. they're being hunted like rats! May God help them succeed in overthrowing that senile old fool dinosaur, Gaddafi!!