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iPad Mini: Apple To Introduce 6-Inch Tablet/Touch?

February 19, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
iPad Mini: Apple To Introduce 6-Inch Tablet/Touch?

We are all aware that Apple likes to look into new ideas, with their development department constantly working on the next possible release. It is also known that a lot of these plans don’t actually make it into production.

Recently we reported on rumored plans to release a mini version of the iPhone to combat the ever growing Android market. This budget iPhone would allow Apple to access the entry-level smartphone sector and appeal to a wider audience.

So in the haze of iPad 2 specification and release dates, BGR entered a report on a supposed cut down version of the company’s popular iPad. Now while Steve Jobs previously slated the smaller tablets reckoning them to be “dead on arrival,” sources claim that the Apple brand is considering a device to bridge the gap between iPad and iPod touch.

Whether the tablet is 5.7-inch or 6-inch is uncertain as both have been thrown into the rumor pot, although suggestions say a small tablet could likely be a larger iPod Touch rather than a smaller iPad.

9to5 Mac question Apple’s mini tablet idea, swaying more to the thought that if it were bought into production it would be better suited to a big brother for the iPod Touch. For one it would add to the Touch’s gaming ability bringing it into play with the upcoming hand-held console, and if it were to support some 3D action then all the better.

Appleinsider also comment on the mini device, but wipe the iPad offspring idea out of the running completely. They liken the 5-6-inch device as an upgrade to the iPod Touch‘s family, commenting on the company’s thoughts that a compact iPad would dilute the tablet experience.

As you can see a couple of sourced rumors can start a wave of discussion and speculation. Tell us what you think on the whole mini iPad/iPod touch situation. Do you think its just another rumor that will come to nothing? Or do you think that a 6-inch iPad could work over a larger iPod Touch?

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