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Facebook Pages: Embracing Change Legitimately

February 19, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Facebook Pages: Embracing Change Legitimately

When it comes to Facebook their developers are constantly trying to change things for the better. The problem is that people don’t like change and will resist it. Another change that has filtered through is the addition of a few new relationship changes.

We have seen many different uses for Facebook, some of them include saving money but of course there are some risks though, we also reported on some of the dangers of using social networking. Now we want to talk to you about embracing the constant changes.

Some of the changes include fan pages being setup by different brands and as’s Rik Ferguson says even a cucumber can be created. Ferguson goes on to explain how it used to work using the standard FBML tab. Now the Facebook platform has undergone a few changes.

Facebook are now allowing iFrame inclusion in tabs which can avoid Facebook proxying. This is great news for actual developers and unfortunately for those with talents that lie within the malicious intentions scale. The amendments to the infrastructure also means that you can decide which of the tabs you are on when you visit the particular Facebook page.

There’s an interesting quote within the article, it says “Facebook asks its developers to agree to a code of conduct. But when it comes to criminals, that’s like taking a driving license away from a joyrider”.

Have you been caught out by one of these malicious Facebook pages? Tell us of your experiences in the comments below.

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