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Sony Vaio 3D Laptop: Price & Release Date?

February 18, 2022 | Mike Smith

We have previously brought you news of Sony’s upcoming range of 3D laptops, as the time draws nearer to the release date we thought we would bring you an update on the possible price and when you should be able to get your hands on one.

As 3D technology is growing at an alarming rate it seems to be taking over on all our gadgets from TV’s, mobile phones, games consoles and Tablet PC’s. Ensuring that they don’t get left behind Sony have announced their new F series 3D Vaio.

This laptop when launched will have a 16inch display that can be switched between 3D & 2D at the touch of a button, with the use of a pair of active shutter glasses the user can have the same quality experience as if they were using a Bravia 3D TV. As well as this great picture quality the laptop boasts some other great specs like an Intel Core i7 processor, two USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 3.0 and also runs on Windows 7. To read the full spec list follow this link to the official Sony site.

Since we last reported on this laptop it was expected to be released sometime in March, according to this post from we can actually expect to see this hitting our shelves by the end of this month.

With the release date this close we still have no official word on pricing, although we expect for a laptop of this calibre to carry a price tag of roughly £1800. Though this is a lot of money to be paying for a laptop we think it would be worth every penny.

Will you be purchasing one of these new 3D Vaio laptops?

Let us know in the comments box below

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  1. Mark McKeown says:

    I having been checking the Sony website every other day for the last 2 or 3 weeks. I absolutely cannot wait for this and having been saving every penny. I can only hope it lives up to my expectations. My only worry is that the screen may be a tad too small to fully immerse one's self into the 3D aspect of it. I was hoping for a price closer to £1400, but we'll see what happens :]

    • Mark McKeown says:

      Just wanted to post an update. I phoned again yesterday, and the gentleman said that he had not heard anything from Marketing dept but now thinks it could be end of March…bah!!

  2. KUW says:

    I am just wondering when are they going to release it in Kuwait??? My HP laptop is soOo not good and i have to buy a new one soon therefore i hope that they will release it in Kuwait soon 25, 26 or 27 Feb-2011 with a good price because in Kuwait if the price is 1,428.72456 $ they will sell it in KD around 600 KD or more which is 2,143.087$. and that's a high price.

  3. Mark McKeown says:

    Available for Preorder in UK for £1799

    • KUW says:

      really!!! it's the same price as MAC isn't it too much O_O

      • Mark McKeown says:

        Well, possibly, but I think the fact it uses the Bravia technology and that it can upscale regular movies, on the fly none the less, then it should hopefully be worth it! I just hope the 3d conversion isn't going to be a swizz like the claimed upscaling of regular DVD's to HD quality, on some blu ray players, as that sucks normally!! I'm still tempted to go for it. Have always got the 7 days to return it if it's no good I guess…

  4. momomomo says:

    release date is the 18th March. Got info from someone at Sony

  5. cus says:

    1800 $ euro price too much ,next year they have new laptop without glass come, why buy this one for

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