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iPad 2: FaceTime & Home Button - Revealed By Screen Protector

February 18, 2022 | Tim Ollason

When it comes to rumors about the iPad there are certainly plenty of them around. One of the first ones that we heard was that it might come in the 7” size, which was previously rubbished by Steve Jobs and also that the original iPad accessories have been reduced in price meaning the new model is on its way.

Now onto the subject matter, we have recently observed from that the iPad 2 screen protectors are revealing that there will indeed be a Home Button and also a front-facing camera! There seems to be a mass of users who want to have the home button removed but we just don’t understand why, what is the importance of removing it?

We previously saw the covers for the iPad 2 that revealed a rear-facing camera but now there’s a front facing one too, it means that the application on the iPhone 4 FaceTime will now be compatible on a larger scaled iPad. Something else we noticed on the screen protector is that it is about half an inch bigger than the original, we are wondering why that is, do we also have an increased screen size?

So long as the device looks good and doesn’t hit us and already be out of date then the world will be happy and the flock of loyal Apple followers will come running to get their shiny new tablet. Personally I can’t wait for the quad-core tablet from NVIDIA codenamed ‘Kel-El’ to properly surface, that will certainly give any other tablet a run for its money!

What do you think of the images, do they draw any conclusions for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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