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Facebook Status Saves Man’s Life

February 18, 2022 | Matt Tran

This story totally blows the term “social good” out of proportion, as a man potentially had his life saved by Facebook.

Peter Ball was suffering from severe stomach pains and so thought he would let the Facebook community know by posting a status update on his page. One of his old school friends who lives more than 180 miles away saw the update and urged him to immediately seek medical help. Rahul Velineni who is a surgeon was very conerned about Peter’s comment, which according to Wales Online was: “I’m in agony with stomach pains and I’m walking like an old man.”

Velineni used his profession to determine the problem with his 30 year old friend, and the diagnosis was appendicitis. Rahul then took it upon himself to message Peter back and inform him of his theory: “Sounds bad. Call me ASAP – you may have appendicitis.” It turned out that Peter did in fact have a problem of his appendix and they had already burst, which could have been fatal if not attended to.

Luckily Peter saw doctors in time and was treated, largely thanks to the determination of his friend. BBC News has a video of Peter and Rahul both retelling the events, you can see the full story and how it unfolded by following the link. Peter was discharged from hospital recently and is recovery well, owing his life to the reaction of his friend and Facebook.

It looks like the communication the social networking service provides at times is priceless and this is a perfect example. Leave us your thoughts on this story and tell us if Facebook has every helped you in an important way similar to this.

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