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Dell Rosemount 10-inch Tablet: Removable Battery, Remote Wipe & More

February 18, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

In a tablet market which developers are finding increasingly more competitive, a device is needed that will offer something a little different from the rest. Bring on the Dell Rosemount Windows 7 tablet. I have to say I really didn’t know much about this tablet, as lets face it, most of the recent news has been dominated by Apple’s iPad 2 or Motorola’s Xoom amongst others. But on looking at what Dell’s 10-incher can offer, I have to say I’m impressed, and judging by today’s news we may be getting this little number sometime in April.

The first feature on the Rosemount that we have to mention, is the option of removing the battery, this in itself is a big step away from the usual devices such as Apple’s iPad, iPhone and Macbook Air that have a built-in battery which as stated, is to give the device a slimmer design. Dell it seems have looked past this and with the inclusion of now being able to swap the battery, not only will consumers be getting the much loved brand name, but it is hoped to appeal to more enterprise users.

Along with battery removal, it has been reported that consumers will if needed, be able to obtain the Rosemount’s RAM components and possible hard drive. As Engadget reported, software encryption will play a big part with this up and coming tab, as well as being able to remotely wipe the device. To simplify the way in which you use it, a dual-digitizer display has been included giving you the ability to touch and use a stylus for the screen.

In terms of battery life, unfortunately no further information has been listed, but it has been suggested that the Rosemount will power on Intel’s Oak Trail Atom chip. Any updates to this, we will bring you as soon as possible. If Dell‘s 10-incher does arrival in April, then will it prove stiff competition against the likes of Motorola’s Xoom being released this month, or BlackBerry’s PlayBook due to launch in April?

Tell us what you think of having serviceable components on a tablet? Has it done enough to prove itself in today’s very competitive market?

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