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AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G Pricing Comparison: RadioShack Sell At $150

February 18, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

As well as having an exceptional tablet the “Xoom” on the way, you can also look forward to Motorola’s new Atrix 4G dubbed a pretty impressive phone, the first of its kind to include a dual-core processor. A full official specifications listing came out of the Mobile World Congress last week, but today we can now give you news that retailer “RadioShack” will be offering the smartphone at a very competitive price compared to AT&T.

The phone which includes 4G capability, is due for official release on February 22nd, a date which as we reported has now changed from March 6th. We checked this out today, and as stated, the smartphone will be released to the general public on the 22nd, with pre-orders being shipped the day before.

The guys over at BGR have reported on RadioShack’s Facebook page stating that they will be selling the Atrix for a cool $149.99 on an “instant pricing” offer. There will be no mail-in rebate forms and on looking at AT&T’s set pricing structure, on choosing to buy your device through RadioShack will save you at least $50.

As well as this, the laptop-dock which as we reported, can be bought separately or as part of a bundle with the phone. If you choose to purchase the bundle including the dock, then you can expect to pay $479.98, a $20 saving on AT&T’s total price. For all AT&T pricing click here.

For anyone not familiar with Motorola’s new Atrix 4G, this neat 4-incher will include a keyboard dock, which works on the principle of sliding the phone into a notebook style chassis, therefore a full working keyboard can be accessed with an 11.6-inch display.

What are your thoughts on the new Atrix 4G? Are you tempted and if so, where will you be getting yours?

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  • jj78biker

    looks like i will have to ship my from the states to uk, i am not waiting fro release over here as only on orange. I will buy the lot lol. Considering i never bought a motorola for many years well done i am on way back. Much better than iphone…….