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Apple iPhone 5 Feature: New Camera Sensor Likely

February 17, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Apple iPhone 5 Feature: New Camera Sensor Likely

Here at OSM we’ve been reporting on news, rumors and speculation about the next-generation Apple iPhone, or iPhone 5, for some time and have published many articles about this much-awaited phone, due in the summer. Among our most recent posts were news of 3 prototypes being tested, including one with a slide-out keyboard, news on a larger display coming to the iPhone 5 and a look at the possibility of a White iPhone 5.

Now we hear talk of another possible new feature for the iPhone 5 and that is an improved camera sensor. The current camera used in iPhones is produced by Omnivision, and the company has just revealed it’s new backside-illuminated sensor, the OV8830. Given Apple’s history with Omnivision it makes sense that this could be included in the next iPhone and if so it would give the iPhone 5 the capability of 1080p video capture and also enhance picture quality, according to John Brownlee over on Cult of Mac.

The OV8830 gives 8-megapixel quality and there have been previous rumors that the next iPhone sensor would have this capacity plus the new sensor would be able to be easily applied to the iPhone 5 as it’s the same size as the current sensor. Another thing that the OV8830 will give is a 35% improvement in low-light sensitivity.

Stefan over on Into Mobile also reports on the OV8830 camera sensor and tells more of the technology behind it so check out the article at the link for details. This is one rumor that we really hope will prove to be accurate as Apple needs to keep up with enhancements coming to the new wave of smartphones being released over the coming months. A new camera capable of recording HD video at 30 fps would be a big positive for many users.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of a much-improved camera coming to the iPhone 5? Would it persuade you to buy the next iPhone over some of the other impressive phones coming to the market? Let us know with your comments.

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  1. Peter James says:

    I would be swayed to keep to the iPhone for my next upgrade if Apple would just enable Flash software, rather than worrying over improved quality of the camera. I have had an iPhone ever since the first model, and am currently using an iphone 3GS (in White). My contract is up for renewal in Nov. 2011. I love the iPhone, but am tempted to go for a Google Android phone the next time around.

  2. wutang1988 says:

    i'll consider buying an iphone if it comes with gingerbread

  3. maj says:

    It's really important to me to have a decent camera phone - saves carrying phone AND camera… so that's the only reason that I haven't bought an iphone yet. I would definitely buy the iphone 5 if the camera was 8 megapixel - that would match my present phone.

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