Apple iPhone 4: Mobile Device Of The Year At MWC 2011

When it comes to Apple and their devices, none have done better than the iPhone 4. This device has been unbelievably popular and now it has hit the best network in the US; Verizon. In 2010 this device has set the benchmark of what smartphones should aspire to be like.

We have already seen HTC win manufacturer of the year and now we see that the Apple iPhone has pulled through as the Mobile device of the year for 2010 at MWC 2011, which just goes to show how good the device really is, especially with Android now taking a greater chunk of the market share than Apple.

They have won this award even though we have seen the problems with the antenna which have persisted onto the latest Verizon CDMA version of the device. AT&T enjoyed the exclusivity of the iPhone for a long time but now Apple has seen their device spread across a few different carriers.

The device has some pretty good specs such as the 640×960, 16GB or 32GB models and a 5 megapixel camera which can capture videos in 1280×720 (720p HD). Not only that but it’s built around a 3.5” capacitive retinal touchscreen with multi-touch capabilities and a 1GHz processor. You can check out a full list of specs by clicking here.

What do you think of Apple’s iPhone 4 winning the award? Is there any other competitor you think should have won this award? Let us know in the comments below.