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Google CEO Leaves The Android Door Open For Nokia

February 16, 2022 | Matt Tran

With the recent news of the alliance between Nokia and Microsoft, it looks like a done deal which will last for a long time. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has stirred things up a bit by saying that the offer is still open for Nokia to join Google instead and adopt Android as their primarly operating system.

Schmidt was speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last night and revealed that he is hoping Nokia will change their mind. During his keynote speech he admitted that he wished Nokia had chosen his company over Microsoft. Cnet has reported the CEO as saying: “We would have loved that they had chosen Android. They chose the other guys, that other competitor, Microsoft.”

Nokia has chosen to use Windows Phone 7 as a replacement for its current OS Symbian; however the Finnish mobile company has been very smart in the fact that they have left their tablet options open. Schmidt did not specifically say what type of Android they would offer Nokia, and it could turn out they take Google’s tablet specific OS Honeycomb 3.0.

Total Telecom has reported that Schmidt was very reluctant to speak about the proposed purchase of Twitter and Google’s future plans for Android. He did however say that Google is planning to merge its Gingerbread version of Android for smartphones and the Honeycomb tablet OS in six months. Will Google be able to hijack the deal betwen Nokia and Microsoft? How would you feel about future Nokia smartphones running Android?

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