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Gingerbread Update For HTC Desire: Please Wait…

February 16, 2022 | Matt Tran

HTC Desire owners would have had bittersweet feelings after listening to the phones manufacturer’s keynote at the Mobile World Congress yesterday. A representitve confirmed that Google’s latest smartphone OS Gingerbread 2.3 would be coming in an update to users. Sadly it will be a long wait!

Cnet has reported that the Gingerbread update will only be rolled out after the release of the HTC Desire S in the spring. The Desire S will hit stores in the middle of the 2nd quarter of 2011, meaning it will launch in around May. Dial To Save has reported that the Desire S will come pre-loaded with Gingerbread and the other Desire models will get the update on separate dates.

The HTC spokesman could not be pinned down to an exact release date for the Desire S or the availability of the 2.3 update. However he did confirm that Gingerbread would be with us roughly 1 month after the debut of the Desire S; he then changed this mind and said it would be roughly 2 months. Not a good clear indication of when we will be getting our big update.

It is likely that the Desire Z and the Desire HD smartphones will be amongst the first to get hold of the update, despite it being at least 3 months away. The current Desire models are running on Android 2.2, aka Froyo; with the original Desire holding 2.1 Eclair. Are you looking forward to the coming of Gingerbread? Or are you doing just fine with Froyo?

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  • Hitsch

    I'm not so sure what to think of this.
    HTC's flood of devices seems to put older phones on hold for updates and I don't think that's something HTC should want to become famous for.
    I like my Desire and there's not much it would gain from Gingerbread at this point but should I have to buy a new phone I guess I would consider this when deciding for a manufacturer.
    Also why can't I use with my Desire? Holding back features is not going to make me buy the next iteration of Desires sooner!

  • Daniel

    I cannot believe gingerbread has taken a long time to get to end users. I am very much disappointed to say the least because therebis no such thing with Windows and Apple. HTC and other manufacturers should get their acts together.