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Small Businesses and Social Media: How they are using it

February 15, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Small Businesses and Social Media: How they are using it

Here at OSM we regularly write posts about social media and business and how companies can best put social media to use. Among our recent posts we’ve looked into using social media to develop a consistent customer service, how to make LinkedIn work for your company, and tips on developing a two-way dialog with customers by your company’s use of social media.

We also recently wrote about small businesses in particular and why they should take advantage of social networking and now we’ve come across an interesting infographic about how small businesses are using social media. Erica Swallow over on Mashable brought this to our attention and the infographic is by Alexis Lamster of Postling and looked into the social media habits of almost 20,000 Postling users.

When looking at which social networks small businesses are using, you may not be surprised to see Twitter came out on top with 78% of small businesses using it, followed closely by Facebook on 75%. It also looks at which platform offers the most engagement and again Twitter comes out on top. The figures show that 50% of comments on all platforms emanate from Twitter, while Facebook accounts for 47% and all others account for 3%.

Strangely enough though it was found that although customers interact more with Twitter, Facebook actually drives more traffic to people’s websites so small businesses really should be using both platforms. The infographic also looks at much more such as how often small businesses post on social networks with 62% posting 8 or more times a week. For a look at the article along with the complete infographic hit the Mashable link above.

Meanwhile if you’re interested in the use of social media for small businesses then you may also like to check out an article over on Dynamic Business which illustrates this with a couple of case studies. How does your small business use social media? Were you surprised at any of the information on the infographic? Let us know with your comments please.

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