Nintendo 3DS: UK Price - Further Reductions

When it comes to the Nintendo 3DS, since its release there has been an all out war to secure your pre-orders for it. This has been encouraged even more since the announcements of the PSP2 or as it is better known, the NGP.

We previously reported on the device being reduced by multiple retail stores in the UK and how Tesco were the cheapest for the device. Well it would seem that Tesco now wants to leave the competition for dead as it has reduced the price of the device even further.

The Tesco direct website has the device for an astonishing £157.60, that’s pretty amazing when you think about the fact that it has been marked up by 1/3. As far as we can see it’s only the Aqua Blue model that has been reduced however this may change.

This is quite a reduction when you consider HMV kicked off the pre-sales in the UK for £299. Tesco originally reduced the device to £197 but the further reduction is by £39.40. It just goes to prove that Tesco certainly don’t like to be beaten on their prices do they?! This leaves you some extra cash so that you can pick yourself a game for the same price that you would pay for the device alone from the likes of Amazon.

Another person who has noticed this reduction is Jamie Pert over at PRNews, Pert talks about the price comparison with a few different retail stores, so be sure to have a read of that.

What do you think of Tesco reducing the price so much? Will they secure your pre-order for the Nintendo 3DS? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Robin

    its a mistake and if you click buy it says sold out

  • Raz373

    I preordered my cosmo black one the other day instore, just hope they stay loyal and give me the best price

  • Robin

    It was a mistake! add to basket and will say out of stock! The 20% VAT reduction doesnt apply to the 3DS and was put up by mistake!

  • Kiefer

    1. The whole review is wrong, it is still £197.00 (if it went down, then sorry, but that's what it is) (which has saved me from being rather annoyed, as I pre-ordered it on monday (Aqua Blue), and if it had went down the next day…)

    2. @Robin: It is not out of stock… (I have not checked the website (which does not allow clubcard vouchers unlike the direct website which does), but the direct website (at time of writing) the 3ds is still in stock…

    3. No shop should be able to reduce the price much under £185-£190, as that's what it is worth in japan and america, so no (intelligent) company, will reduce it much under that until a final price is confirmed by nintendo.

    (Sorry for the overuse of brackets)