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Motorola Atrix 4G Review Roundup: Impressive Verdicts

February 15, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM we’ve been avidly following developments of the Motorola Atrix 4G phone to be released on AT&T in March. The Atrix 4G has received a huge amount of attention as it’s one of the first smartphones with a dual-core processor and of course has 4G capability.

One of our most recent posts on the Atrix include the Atrix 4G vs. the Droid Bionic, another 4G handset, this time to be carried by Verizon. We’ve also given details of a promotional video for the Atrix showing the laptop dock and more, and also recently discussed some first thoughts on the Atrix 4G before the reviews came in, in which it was described as “a monumental device.”

Now we’ve been seeing some first reviews arrive and thought you might like a roundup of where to find comprehensive reviews and an outline of their conclusions. One of the most detailed comes, as ever, from Engadget, by Joshua Topolsky. The review covers everything you would imagine such as the hardware, internals, display and battery life, cameras, sound quality and software as well as looking at the laptop dock and Webtop OS software plus a whole lot more.

Topolsky’s review concludes that the Motorola Atrix 4G could be the favorite Android device that Engadget has ever tested, with amazing specs. Although there are a few issues it’s a sleek, powerful handset with a lot to impress and is thus described as “an awesome phone.” However when turning to the accessories such as the HD dock and laptop dock it’s advised that they’re probably not worth it, as they don’t fully deliver for the prices.

Another very detailed review can be found on Cnet by Bonnie Cha and her bottom line was that that the Atrix 4G phone certainly merits being the top AT&T Android offering. Cha’s comments on the laptop accessory is that while cool, it’s also pricey, and seems to concur with Engadget’s review that the Atrix 4G is great enough as a standalone phone.

The next review in our roundup is from Seth Weintraub over on CNN and his conclusion is revealed in his review title in which he describes the Atrix 4G as “the new king of the Androids.” Weintraub also holds back from recommending the accessories though but describes the phone itself as “simply the best Android phone I’ve ever used,” which is pretty clear.

Finally to the last review in our roundup, this time from Jonathan S. Geller over on BGR who concluded that the Atrix 4G was “a very impressive product” and described it as among the best Android devices to ever come to AT&T. Like the other reviews though, although Geller thinks the accessories are clever and show just what can be done with a phone these days, he doesn’t think that those will push people to buy the phone, which is remarkable enough on its own.

So there you go, some reviews that we hope will help you to decide if the Motorola Atrix 4G is the phone for you. We’d be interested to hear what you think so please do send us your comments and tell us if you’ll be making a purchase.

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