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HTC Thunderbolt Release Date Teaser: Shipping this week?

February 15, 2022 | Debbie Turner
HTC Thunderbolt Release Date Teaser: Shipping this week?

Since we first heard about the HTC Thunderbolt 4G smartphone coming to Verizon we’ve been excited. This upcoming device has had an awful lot of positive attention and we’ve posted many articles on it. Among our most recent posts were speculation that it may have a free Mobile Hotspot feature, for a while at least, plus a look at the Samsung Galaxy Indulge vs. the Thunderbolt.

We’ve also posted many times about the speculated release date which has chopped and changed but the most recent news we had on that was that it would finally be released at Best Buy on February 24, a little later than everybody first anticipated. This disappointed quite a few of our readers who have been avidly waiting for it but news today may give you some hope after all.

Sean Brunett over on Android Central reports that HTC CEO, Peter Chou, said today that the HTC Thunderbolt would be shipping this week. On top of that Verizon has placed a teaser video on its YouTube channel today saying that it’s coming soon. You can view the video below this story and we have to say that as far as teasers go, this is a pretty compelling one. Your guess is as good as ours but we’d say that HTC wouldn’t risk upsetting customers with a tease if the release isn’t going to be imminent.

For much more on the phone itself and specs, check out the HTC product page for it here. Also if you go to this Verizon Wireless website page there’s another intriguing Thunder Tracker snippet which says the Thunderbolt will strike soon. It’s all pretty exciting stuff and you can bet that as soon as we hear more on the release we’ll let you know. Are you one of the many people waiting for the HTC Thunderbolt? Let us know your thoughts about this

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  1. Infinite says:

    the thing I did like and it is hard to understand who is responsible is the pre orders best buy took I pre ordered with the understanding that I could pick up my thunderbolt on the 14th wouldnt they have confirmed that with verizon I guess not I get there and bb is like no thunderbolt I get on the horn with verizon like whats the deal they say it was all bb sucks all around I am thinking of waiting for the bionic or maybe even the iphone 5.

  2. nawojski says:

    She counted 6 times. Count six days from now, you get Monday. I don't think it will come out any sooner than that.

  3. Austin says:

    I like that advert!

  4. Bill says:

    As a Best Buy "pre-buyer" I can tell you I am disgusted with Verizon and BBY over being sucked into putting up a deposit because the phone will be released on Feb. 14th only to find out it was an out and out lie. Proof of that is the blogs that said no way a week before saying it would be the 24th. Before putting up my money, I was assured by BBY the Blogs were wrong.. If everyone else knew, then BBY and Verizon had to know too. I am a victim of a fraud and deceptive sales practices. BBY should give the pre-buyers compensation of some kind

    • guest2011 says:

      You to have to remember that Verizon has remained quiet about the release date of this phone. Best Buy should be who you are disgusted with! They are the ones that allowed customers to pre order a phone that they did NOT have a set in stone release date. Their fault, not Verizon.

    • Matt says:

      Are you kidding me! Grow up! I was told a month ago at a Verizon company store that the release date was going to be Feb. 24. All the hype on the internet made look like it might be out sooner. I put my deposit down on two of them and I know I'll just have to wait until they arrive in the stores. Al least you won't have to be put on a waiting list and be unable to get it for a month after it is released!

    • mike says:

      Does anyone know when Verizon will carry the Thunderbolt. No early upgrades through Best Buy. I heard 2 months.

    • Anonymous says:

      Deal with BB on that one and not Verizon. Verizon has never officially announced a date. I have also spoken to Verizon employees about the ThunderBolt and each have had the same response - no date has been set and they're anxious too. So if you want to be mad at anyone, go yell at BB. Calm down. And look on the bright side - while the rest of us are waiting in line or waiting for back-orders you'll have yours.

  5. jeff says:

    yeah i had the iphone 4 from verizon, i ordered on the 3rd and got it on the 7th. i took the iphone 4 back this past sunday when i heard about this. i'm ready to buy it hands down ! the iphone 4 was my first of apple product's and i must say on the verizon network i like droid way better. i have had droid for two years now and wanted to see what the iphone was like… all i can say is droid is the best out there right now ! can't wait, booooom thunderbolt for me in the near future !!!!

    • Igor says:

      I can't wait till i get the HTC

      i've been waiting for the iphone 4(verizon) for damn long, couple days ago i went to the verizon and played with the iphone for a bit and i was really dissapointed. I agree with you, now days android is better than OS!!!!!

  6. Andrew says:

    I pre-ordered it on my birthday, the 7th. I canceled it today, the 15th because I personally just feel that 4.3" screen isn't for me, and with the whole pre-order BS thing, I bet you'll be able to buy it at Verizon as well the same day, so if I have a change of heart I can go check it out.. I am saving the upgrade for the Incredible S,

  7. Sven B. says:

    Bill - you were given a $50.00 gift card when you preordered. Stop crying about it and go use the giftcard on something else if you want lol - I preordered it also and was NEVER told it would be the 14th. In fact, I was told it was simply TBD. Relax and move on.

  8. Ken the Hen says:

    Iphone is for losers and victims of marketing

  9. mike says:

    The Thunderbolt will Not be at Verizon Stores anytime soon I heard. Best Buy will not honor any early up grades. I have been with Verizon for 6 years and can’t get a phone.

  10. Jake says:

    I've been waiting for this phone from the moment it was officially announced at CES! (ok, even before then)
    I'm going to Palo Alto in 2 weeks (my 21st birthday is in 2 weeks too), and NEED to show up with a brand new, shiny phone!

  11. todd says:

    counted 6 times, plus 1,2,3, 1,2,1—-thats six days away, 21st, which is ironically the last two numbers she said, 21>21st, lets all hope!

  12. Jake says:

    nawojski i was thinking the same thing.

  13. Travis says:

    I called in the morning of the 7th to ask about it and was told that I could pre-order that day, and also that yes it would be out on the 14th… I believe because I was blatantly lied to I deserve a discount. Sure, I received a $50 gift card, but lets say I don't want to use it on anything else? Anything I can get from Best Buy I can buy online for less… I pre-ordered so I could be the FIRST one in my area to get this phone not so I could be told it'll be a longer wait, and also that I may not be in the #1 spot that I received that day for pre-ordering… It's a bunch of BS… I work retail myself in management, and if I had a customer come up to me after promising them something and knowing I lied to them I'd give them 10% off or maybe even than $50 off, who knows… I believe all of us deserve that.

  14. vince says:

    I went to pre order today at the best buy in bloomingdale IL and the guy said the 17th for a fact. He said he’s been doing this for a long time and they always stop the pre sale the day before its release and there last day for pre order is the 16th wich I have on my paperwork recite. So he guaranteed me the 17th. After I went to Verizon to pay my bill and talked with a friend and told him what BB just told me. He said that Verizon is getting them 24th but he’s not surprised cause BB is known for getting big releases a week before Verizon. And the BB rep said that his inventory boss or what ever he’s called said that its in the system to receive them the 16th but not for sale till the 17th. So I guess I’m glad that I pre ordered if he was right. Is there anybody on here that works for BB that will agree with what I was told. I guess we will know Thursday!

  15. John says:

    Bill .. I agree with you… We were mislead to believe BB would have an exclusive “first available” for the HTC Thunderbolt. That was the only reason I preordered the phone!! As far as Sven B’s comment on the $50 gift card…… If I wanted a gift card …. I would have purchased a gift card! I preordered the phone with the understanding of a Feb. 14th release date at BB. I was told by a person at BB it would be released on the Feb. 14th only to hear they changed their minds at the last minute because the iPhone was not selling well. And all this crap about the 14 day return policy is just that!!! Verizon should be ashamed to even put something like this over on their customers. Could it be a plan to dump the inventory of the iphone before the new iphone comes out this summer??? Either way, I don’t like it and feel like I have been mislead and caught-up in all this whole marketing crap! They should have come out and just said it will be released on Feb. 24th and allow you to preorder if you were concerned about being back-ordered.

  16. H.DUB says:

    It’s nvr been said by Verizon Wen this phone will drop. I’m disappointed in BB for doin all of this. They r bad as indirect stores. I’m a huge fan of the TBolt and need this phone If in fact it does come 24th I will b on vacation in Seattle where I will have it shipped to me. Come on vzdub u r where I wrk so at least tell is Wen it drops

  17. Charles says:

    I don't understand why I even pre-ordered if I'm not going to be in the front of the line to get the T-bolt. The day it "comes out" I could just walk into a BB at 10 AM and grab the phone. Get it before the preorder people even get it. That's stupid. But BB is know for doing stupid crap like that. They have to treat their customers better or they will be going the way of BlockBuster and Borders…

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